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Information about diabetes, how it affects the lives of those living with the disease and the people that are there to help support them.

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Food & Diet

There are a few blogs going around about fish-oil supplements not being good for you. This is based on a study showing "there was no significant link between deaths, sudden deaths, heart-related deaths, heart attacks, and strokes, in people who took fish oil supplements." This makes total sense as taking a fish-oil pill is not a significant part of your diet and as a sole food item does very little by itself. The benefits of omega-3 comes from it being in higher concentration or what was our original concentration vs omega-6, omega-9 and other oils in every meal. When in proper balance, our bodies undergo less stress and inflammation. Now that is a hard topic to study if only the supplement is counted. If you are taking one pill, then eat several times the fat in lower quality food products, there will be an imbalance in omega-3 ratios still. That makes the pill useless as a cure all.

The reason much of our other foods create this imbalance is the fact that our live-stock is now lower in omega-3 due to industrialization and low quality food in their diets. To save world hunger and for big-business to make more profit, we have created fast growing amazing foods that have less nutrients. With this, we are suffering a new phase of health issues and everyone is searching for that magic pill. My opinion is the fish-oil pill is good, but the story is much more complex. The real problem is we should not have to be looking to replace nutrients that are being stripped out of our milk, beef, chicken and other food items because they are stuffed with corn and wheat instead. On top of it, this corn and wheat is only lacking nutrients because it is not given the level of nutrients as well. I bet the Native Americans who planted a fish with their corn seed had some of the most nutritious corn in the world. I would love to see these types of studies to see why we even need supplements, then fix that problem.

Blog posted from San Diego, CA, USA View larger map
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Posted by on in General Thoughts

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as a fellow diabetic. I am not by any means a professional blogger, but figured I would set a blog roll so if anyone wants to chat about diabetes, here I am. Talk to you soon!

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

Eye complications are a common issue with diabetics and nothing new. The good news is this is a preventable complication of diabetes and there are many options available. The first attack is to focus on keeping blood sugar levels low, also beneficial to every other side-effects of diabetes. It is always wise to keep in contact with your optometrist or ophthalmologist in case there are underlying complications that need to be addressed.

To keep blood sugar down and help heel damage caused by a diabetics typically higher than normal glucose levels, involves a better diet and supplements. Green leafy vegetables lead the list of important foods for eye problems. The supplements and/or ingredients of value are the antioxidants and carotenoids (pigments in plants). The carotenoids considered valuable are lutein an zeaxanthin. In one study, researchers found that people who typically ate lutein and zeaxanthin rich greens two to four times a week were half as likely to have AMD as people who ate those foods less than once a month.

The reason I took to this topic is I myself have taken lutein with results in less than a week. I was experiencing focus issues and a twitching in one eye due to strain. This all went away and I was able to resume activities that before would be to difficult long term. Also, while eating greens regularly and not taking any supplements I felt just the same, so a good diet without any supplements can work as well I believe.

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Posted by on in Type 1 Diabetes

Using embryonic cell and adult pig islets, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have alleviated diabetes in rats. This is great news for diabetics because there was no need for anti-rejection drugs as the transplants where accepted by the body. This was in part due to the dual procedure starting with embryonic pig pancreatic cells then the adult islets several weeks later. It looks as this process primed the bodies immune system to accept the islets.

This is the first long-term cross-species transplant without immune suppression, raising eyebrows to it’s potential in curing diabetes. The human body can react differently, so this would involve studies and tests before findings its value to the treatment in human diabetes. They already have the capability in transferring islets from other humans, but this is limited in numbers and involves immune-suppression drugs for the rest of their lives.  


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Posted by on in Exercise

You can lower blood-sugar through exercise as the body will deplete it's glucose on a cellular level. This causes the cells to absorb glucose from the bloodstream. Not an alternative to controlling your diet with balanced nutrition, but a great source of control that is natural when dealing with a minor spike in sugar.

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