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The Plan.

The Plan.

April 25, 2010

okay so my final finals week as a uni student has arrived. I will not lie and say I have mugged. Because I have not. I am going to have to wing it, somehow!

The annoying thing is that this whole finals thing is throwing my exercise and eating schedule off limit. I have as such, made plans to keep it in check.

All my exams are from 5-7pm. Which means by the time I get out of the exam hall it could potentially be close to 7.30pm. That means that on Tuesday and Thursday I won’t be able to make it to the gym in time for aerobics. Boo! I can’t drive and therefore don’t drive, and don’t have a car to drive anyway so I’d have to take the bus and train there, and that takes about an hour when you’re trying to squeeze onto public transport post-exam. Especially when your extremely isolated university campus only has ONE public bus service going there.

Here’s the plan:

Focus on exams on Monday (French 1), Tuesday (German 2) and Thursday (Buisness Snore Law).

I have a free day on Wednesday which I will be using to swot for said Business exam, but I can fork out an hour to get a swim. It would be a nice change from all that jumping and cardio work anyway.

Exams end on Thursday so I can have another swim on Friday. I tap on weekdays to swim because the public pool is peaceful at around 11am-2pm. I just have to remember the sunscreen!

On Saturday or Sunday, I will go for a power walk. I am trying to get back into the running habit but am not confident of jogging yet so I’m going to begin with power walking and then work it up to a slow jog.

As for eating, I’ve discovered my Achilles heel. It’s weekends. I don’t really eat in on weekends so food is a struggle. Especially when faced with not-s0-low-carb options and a tonne of temptation. I didn’t deal well with it yesterday (Saturday) but today I think I was much better. I’ve resolved to prepare and bring along as much of my food as possible to avoid any more mishaps.

Stocked up on several yummy carb-safe things today -soy milk and frozen edamame. I love soy things! I also found bread which is low GI and didn’t spike me much. 22.8g carbs, but 5.8g fibre. 17g net carbs for 2 slices is a good deal. I had a toasted sandwich with (very spicy) chilli tuna and reduced-fat cheese for lunch with some mesclun salad greens and it was all good. I hope this week will be a good week in terms of BG management, because I’m a little worried about how things will go.

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