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Rotorua day two!

Sorry for the long delay. Here is the next part of the Rotorua trip.  As stated before, we had a great time there.  The next day we decided to go to this place called the buried village.  The road out to the village went through pine and redwood trees and there were two very beautiful lakes.  Blue Lake and Green Lake.

The road to the buried village

Blue or Green lake, I don't remember which.

At the buried village we went through a museum and then walked around the village.  It was amazing what went on there.  One of the survivors survived only because her shack was made of corrugated metal.   Her children and husband died in the mudslide, with one of her children dying in her arms.  It was a very sad story.

In the museum at buried village

a carving from the buried village

The felt hat was turned to ash.. They preserved it.

A sewing machine lodged into a tree due to a volcanic blast

Water pump for the village

Grinding wheel

Trench to the houses

all the houses were like this

More buried stuff

Houses excavated from the mudflow

I think this was a bakers place, buried village

Where a house used to be

stream by the village

little "trees" in the river

Old canon

Kids at the falls, buried village

Stairs down to the falls

stream before the falls

After the buried village, we went back to the AgroDome and decided to do the farm tour. This was a really good time as we got to feed animals and all that.

Wooly Bully

Hand feeding the ostriches

small deer

feeding time

Silly llama

Feed me lady!

Kids trying to get the deer to come to them

Kiwi fruit trees

Old truck at the farm

More llamas

Red Deer

This llama was chasing Marty

cow petting

Lamb huggin


Kelsey got to pet two cows that day

feeding time

After the AgroDome we decided to go see where they filmed Hobbiton for the Lord of the Rings movies.  We actually went to do the tour on the first day, but it was raining really hard and spending an hour and a half walking through the hills and dirt would have been really hard.  So we went back the next day and it was beautiful.  Unfortunately, we can’t show the pictures until, probably after the Hobbit movies come out.  I wish I could show them because it was a really cool experience.

Cool rock formations

Hobbiton tour starting point

On the road to middle earth

On the tour bus to Hobbiton in Matamata

We had such a great time that weekend and I would highly recommend that you go and enjoy the same sights.  We were going to go camping up far north.. but this was just as wonderful.

We haven’t been really going out very much, but summer is getting ready to end and fall is about to start.  Hopefully we can have a few more small adventures before it gets too cold.

Back with more when there is more to show..

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