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Naked Pancreas!

Dues to Reyna for such a good idea!  I just HAVE  to say…YET AGAIN how damn happy I am I discovered all you ladies and gentleman!  I cannot express to you all how much you heal me on a daily basis, if you ever doubt posting…or decide that your just spinning your wheels posting…please know that you all are my air and more often than not my sanity. 


What kind of insulin management mode do you use?

 We use the Omnipod.

How often do you inject/change pump sites?

Every 3 days we change the pod.

What type (s) of insulin do you use?


What are your basal settings?

12am to 7am .15
7am to 12am .20

What are your correction factors?

What are your meal ratios?

1:20 (around the clock)

What do you do for activity and/or PE?
We don’t have a set plan still on the activity levels. She’s only four and we are only 9 months or so into diabetes so we usually just give her uncovered carbs if she’s going to be really active. She did swim a lot this summer and she went low pretty frequently at first. It usually was just a matter of letting her eat and not covering the carbs (swimming makes you hungry anyway!). I will say that the most fascinating lows or drops in blood sugars are the ones that come from just being in the sun???  Sedentary and in the sun and she’ll drop in no time?!  I don’t know why but that fascinates me.  Our biggest challenge right now is getting the ”timing” down.  My gut tells me we are fine on the settings, but we are missing peaks in insulin and the digestion rate toO often.  We still have to wait and see what she eats before we can bolus…so we don’t have much advantage right now over timing.  We do try to do as much pre bolus at breakfast as safely possible to try to catch that nasty first meal spike and we occasionally hit it right on! Yea!

 How do you manage Pizza, maccaroni and cheese, or any other difficult to manage foods?

I read a lot about pizza being an issue, but I can’t say we have too much of an issue???  I usually let her eat pizza at her own pace and I don’t worry about bolusing to quickly after, but I can’t say we have an issue with it (which from what I gather is not the norm).  Mac and cheese???  She rarely eats it anymore so I can’t even tell you?!   Ellie ate quite a few different things until she was about 2…then she became one of those kids…sadly she now eats about 5 things and none of them are exciting or from the earth.  Until recently I blamed myself, but I actually think it’s just her and when she gets to school and sees other kids eating a variety of foods and enjoying it, she’ll come around!  (at least I hope)  The only benefit to her picky way is that we pretty much have the bolus down on everything she eats because the child eats the same thing every day, just in a different order! Ha!

How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?

Wellllll I don’t really manage them as well as I probably should.  When Ellie was diagnosed my mother and I logged and logged and logged everything.  We used smart charts and made notes daily.  Then the Dexcom and the OmniPod came (at the same time) and we slowly began to rely on the Dexcom to keep records.  We tried to stick to the paper logging…but as you know it can be quite a challenge!  We can enter the bolus amount and the food amount into the Dexcom and then print it out and have a visual graph that shows when she ate, when we gave insulin and then we can look at the valleys and peaks and determine where corrections or adjustments are needed.  I usually get really focused for 2 weeks before our endo appointment and make sure that all the information is in the Dexcom.  Then I print out the two weeks prior for Dr. C. We line them up on the desk and  look at them looking for patterns.  Again…she eats no variety so there really isn’t much to learn food wise at this point.  But it seems like (at least to me) we just need to take it day by day right now.  I’ve made a few changes here and there since she was diagnosed…but really.  It’s been pretty much the same amount of insulin.  I guess her TDD has gone from 9 or 10 units a day to 12 or so in the last couple of weeks so I may be changing some things soon.  She’s been running high for the last few weeks and then today…2 low numbers (not too low, but lower than we’ve seen lately)  So now we wait…and wait…and wait to make that little move and see if we can get closer to target. Ugh! D Sucks.

P.S.  I would also like to excuse Meri from having to participate in the Naked Pancreas posting…I can’t imagine posting 3 PWD’s stats???  HA!  And if she does post them…and does it from memory…We MUST nominate her for some sort of an award!!!  Loves Meri!

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