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Kitchen adventures #1

Kitchen adventures #1

April 22, 2010

I’ve never really been much of a cook. I used to bake, but that ended when I was diagnosed with diabetes. It’s difficult to find low-carb baking ingredients in Singapore (or maybe I’m too lazy to travel around to find them) and although I can replace refined carbs with wholemeal flour and sugar with Splenda, I have ZERO discipline when it comes to pastry. I love pastry, both sweet and savoury, in most forms and I shouldn’t try to recall how much cake I could wolf down in former times.

Recently I decided to go quite low carb. I’m not a real low-carber like some people I know through forums, but I do watch my carb intake very carefully. I try to eat at least one meal a day with no starchy carbs. I need to have something a little carby in the morning because my BG just drops without it. I don’t live with dawn phenomenon and my blood sugar starts dropping when I awake. I have experimented successfully with yoghurt and berries, wholewheat toast with cheese, eggs or peanut butter and this morning, a small bowl of Special K cereal. All with pretty good numbers I was pleased with. I eat lunch out half the time so I tend to eat some carbs as it is difficult to find no or low-carb dishes here, but I make sure I eat carbs I know won’t bring my blood sugar to paradise and leave it there. I concluded this from testing my blood sugar aggressively.

It is usually dinner that I extreme low-carb with, but I’ve been experimenting with homecooked lunch options recently since it’s my study break and I need to eat in between surfing diabetes blogs and forums, watching telly shows online, and studying. I hope to keep blogging about my food discoveries – it’s difficult to imagine an Asian girl living without rice and noodles, and in my case potatoes, but it’s fun discovering new ways to do things and delicious low-carb meals.

Today, I made this delicious, filling and nutritious lunch. A tard bit high on sodium but overall, not bad. And low-carb! WIN!

I had a strange craving for instant miso soup today so that was the first thing I did. We have instant miso paste at home so I just emptied 3/4 of a sachet into a bowl, with the freeze-dried wakame, tofu skin and spring onions, and added a cup of hot water. Stuck it into my thermal pot to keep warm while I prepped the rest.

I prepped the salmon by washing it and patting it dry with a kitchen towel before rubbing it with some bottled teriyaki sauce and black pepper. I used a Chinese soup spoon to measure the teriyaki sauce, but my spoons are a bit shallower and smaller than the kind you get at Chinese restaurants. I used about 2/3 a spoon of sauce. Popped it in a preheated oven at 230 degrees celcius to bake for about 15 minutes.

I meanwhile prepped my veggie dishes. The salad was easy peasy and outrageously delicious. Chopped up some baby romaine lettuce and a tomato, and threw it into a bowl. Drizzled over extra virgin olive oil and tossed it with my fingers. Added two teaspoons of white vinegar and tossed it with my fingers again. I then sprinkled sea salt and dried herb mix over the salad and yes, tossed it again with my fingers. It then got sent to the fridge to chill while I checked on the fish and made my mushroom dish.

Mushrooms are one of my most favourite foods ever. They don’t spike me, they taste great and there are so many kinds. I like Shimeiji and Enoki mushrooms best but I bought Shiitake and Enoki mushrooms today. Washed and chopped up the shrooms. I left the Enoki shrooms as they are cos they’re kind of noodle-y in appearance and I thought I could trick myself into thinking I was eating noodles. Heated up a little bit of soya oil in a pan and dumped in the Shiitake mushrooms first as they were thicker and needed more cooking time. I added water to help the shrooms cook faster, followed by a few drops of soy sauce. I dumped the Enoki mushrooms in next and stirred them around until they began to cook. When everything looked more or less cooked, I added two drops of oyster sauce and an accidentally generous splash of Chinese cooking wine. It smelled great! Served it up with my fish and salad.

I washed down everything with a can of my favourite drink – unsweetened iced oolong tea. I even had a handful of unsalted almonds for dessert! So yummy. I can’t wait to try out more of my own invented recipes, and I’ll be surfing the web for things I can adapt to suit my liking and dietary needs.

And so my new adventure begins, with my kitchen as the playground.

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