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I Can’t lose weight? Go Natural as Diabetes Diet Pill maker will Pay back $4 billion due to Deaths

“I can’t lose weight” Go Natural as  Diabetes Diet Pill maker will Pay back $4 billion due to Deaths

Glaxo will pay back over $4 Billion dollars to those who were damaged from the Diabetes and Diet Pill Avandia. Type 2 Diabetes medications are deadly and cause harm to the cells of the body. There is absolutely no need for a drug for Type 2 Diabetes. The Diabetes drug Avandia is responsible for direct heart attacks and deaths. Those who were saying “I can’t lose weight” unfortunately resorted to dangerous diet pills and Type 2 Diabetes medication

Type 2 Diabetes medications and weight loss pills steal from the heart muscle as they try to a “force” a lower blood sugar. This is why diet pills do not work, they force a weak loss of water weight and your heart needs a good water balance to operate

How much money did Glaxo Smith Cline( The drug maker ) make each year off this Diet pill?… $5 Billion dollars EVERY YEAR

Here is what people received from Diet Pills

Sudden people started getting chest pain and heart failure, they thought the diabetes or Obesity was doing this. Research revealed it was not the Obesity or Diabetes but it was the medication!

Here is the information that was just released today

GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK), after setting aside more than $6 billion to help settle lawsuits over medicines including its Avandia diabetes drug

“There are a total of about 5,300 state-court cases pending” around the country, Dianne Nast told U.S. District Judge Cynthia Rufe at a hearing in Philadelphia.



The Drug makers never fight back because they know the pils are dangerous and have already pocketed $20 billion!

Here is the Drug maker response after you either had a heart attack,Stroke or Family Death


They profited $5 Billion a year and caused death..covered this up and their response is “NO COMMENT”


There is not one safe Type 2 Diabetes medication, Metformin,Actos,Avandia all hurt the body, while trying to force a weak lowering of Blood sugar

The Drug maker continue to pump out new pills every year and the people get chest pains

…and often death

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes has been reversed with the Spirit Happy Diet (now in 14 countries and over 20,000 users) The only reason you cannot lose weight is due to damage from food chemicals. We prove this and beat every drug naturally and safely

If you are saying “I have tried every diet and nothing works”

SEE HERE I can’t lose weight

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