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Hell Yeah! Sam Talbot

Y’all! Yesterday I got to add one more super exciting reason to all the other super exciting reasons I have to be super excited about attending the Children with Diabetes Friends For Life shindig. Not only do I get to meet all the best friends I’ve never met, take a break from work, and get the You-Can-Do-It diabetes boost I feel I’ve been missing — all just a few short hours from home — I get to see Sam Talbot from Season 2 of Top Chef! And eat some of his food!

My Sam Talbot crush is a multilayered thing. First of all, I’m a complete Top Chef fiend. My husband and I have been known to cook special meals for Top Chef nights, invite friends over to watch, and then re-watch episodes the following weekend. We have a cookbook signed by host Tom Collichio and way too many fancy pots and utensils for our tiny galley kitchen.

Second of all, Sam Talbot has diabetes! Type 1! Just like me! As the DOC can attest, there’s a happy little magic when you meet another person with diabetes. Or see one on TV. You’re instantly familiar with a huge chunk of each others’ lives. You participate in the same bizarre self-care rituals, spend money on the same stuff, and worry about the same things. You’re practically BFFs already.

Third, Sam Talbot is not harsh on the eyes. Ahem.

Anyway, my Sam Talbot nerdiness started to remind me of this site. It’s a collection of handsome photos of Ryan Gosling, each captioned with a phrase one might hear from the lips of Ryan Gosling if one were, say, the love of his life.

All this brings me to the point of this post. I offer you “Hell Yeah! Sam Talbot,” my diabetic interpretation of “Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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