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Diabetics – Valentines Day Healthy Choices

“Everyone Knows Someone Who Needs This Information!” (TM)

Valentine’s Day, the sweetest day of the year, is a demanding time for diabetics. With diabetes and obesity rampant, we have to show love in other ways, and not just one day a year either. Here are some healthier suggestions! And, as it’s my husband’s birthday soon, I get to do this double!

Start off with great, delicious breakfast and end with a romantic, healthier dinner dessert, and spend a life-affirming, balanced day in between. Let’s start!



2 poached Omega-3, free-range eggs
2 toasted crumpets (Trader Joe’s and other fine supermarkets) *
4 oz. packet wild salmon lox (smoked salmon) without nitrites (Trader Joe’s and maybe Portlock brand)
1 t organic butter
2 oz. sliced Provolone cheese (i.e. 2 one-ounce slices)

Fruit or veggies on the side – preferably 1/2″ diced steamed sweet potatoes = 1 whole sweet potato**

___   Preheat your broiler. Start your kettle of water.  Prepare the 1/2 inch diced sweet potatoes in a steamer – either full cook or just rewarming from those made yesterday.

___  While the oven is heating, use the wide slots on your toaster and toast the crumpets a couple of times, so they are a little crisp. Prep your fruit or other veggies (better), if using more than the sweet potatoes.

___   Meanwhile, start poaching your eggs in an egg poacher.

Then spread organic butter lightly over their tops of the warm crumpets.

___   Wash the lox packet, dry and open it. Watch you animals if you have any — this is snatching time!

___   Next add one slice of provolone cheese to each crumpet and put it on a tray under the broiler — briefly — just until the cheese melts.

Make your warm drinks.

___   Once the cheese melts, remove the warm crumpet to the plate. Top with the poached egg and then the smoked salmon lox. Using kitchen scissors, you may feel ambitious enough to cut the lox into a heart shape, or not.

Set up the plates. Use the steamy sweet potatoes as a golden-ring around the crumpet. Serve.

* use crumpets, as with all their holes, they actually aren’t a big carb hit. So with the fat and with the protein, you have a slower glycemic meal. If you have veggies, it will be easier on your digestion than if you have fruit. But, if you have strong digestion, then you should be “covered” to add a few more grapes, apples or berries on the side.

** made day before and reheated, or made fresh. The sweet potatoes are important to use, as they are a very pH alkaline food to help offset the more pH acidic foods of the eggs, grains and dairy.

Also, I designed this recipe to compete with Eggs Benedict. I think it’s lots healthier and just as creamy and decadent tasting. Enjoy!

(c)2011 Em at http://DiabetesDietDialogue.wordpress.com

And now for that decadent dessert …


Make these the evening before Valentine’s Day, if you want.
Prep time: 15 minutes
Inactive Prep time: 15 minutes
Makes 12 clusters

1 C        toasted almonds (I leave them raw)
1/2C   dried cherries, coarsely chopped
6 ozs.   dark chocolate, finely chopped *
In a medium bowl, toss together the almonds and the cherries. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper.

Melt half the chocolate in the top of a double boiler over slightly simmering water, over the lowest possible heat, stirring frequently. Make sure the water is not touching the top pan.

Remove the double boiler from the heat and stir in the rest of the chocolate. Remove the top pan with the chocolate in it, gently wipe the bottom of it and set it aside for a moment.

Replace the simmering water in the bottom pan with warm tap water. Put the pan of melted chocolate on top of the warm water this time. This will keep the chocolate at the right temperature while you make the clusters.

Stir the fruit-nut mixture into the chocolate. Spoon out heaping tablespoon-sized clusters of the chocolate mixture onto the lined baking sheet about 1-inch apart.

Put them in the refrigerator to set for 15 minutes. Store and serve at room temperature.

* It is important to only use dark chocolate – 70% – 80% cacao is best, but “bittersweet” is the lowest you should use. NO milk chocolate!. Ghiradelli Bittersweet Baking Chocolate is a good choice, in America. Callebaut, elsewhere. Both of these are 60% cacao and a good balance of cocoa butter and chocolate nibs as well as sweetness. You do not need to use a 70% source.

Dark chocolate is filled with healthy compounds, especially anti-oxidants. If to find the cherries don’t sweeten it enough, then add some luo han guo, or 1 teaspoon of REAL maple syrup (which has some benefits for diabetics if used carefully).

Luo han guo is a natural sweetener available in good health stores. OR get something even better for a natural diabetic sweetener, online, Lakanto at Body Ecology.


Enjoy a relaxing day and a Valentine’s walk somewhere beautiful, with a loved one. Valentine’s Day is not just for sweethearts, it’s for all those you love.

Make it an important day that sets the pace for many more during the year.

Live long and be happy and healthy. Each day is a Gift. Please treat it that way.

Happy 69th Birthday to my sweet husband of more than 40 years. You are a really special person!

Best to all,

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(c)2011 Em at http://diabetesdietdialogue.wordpress.com

Please respect my copyright. If you want to quote any more than 2 short paragraphs, please write for permission. Reach me at the About Me page on the upper navigation bar. Thanks!

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