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Death of a sensor

After reading a comment on somebody’s blog (can’t remember which one) about someone putting their CGM on their calf, I decided to venture out and try potential sites.

I looked around my body, and didn’t think my calf would work…there’s still some muscle left there from when I was into running. But just above my knee, there was a bit of fat (which made me kind of sad because my knee looked droopy). I decided to pinch up the skin in the area to see if there was enough for the sensor…seemed like there was. I cleaned the area and popped it in.

Bad, Bad site!

Big mistake. It hurt like hell and immediately started bleeding. I noticed I accidentally put it a little higher than I meant too…the fat was more toward my knee.

I cleaned it up before putting the transmitter in. Hopefully it would take.

I spent the night trying to avoid sleeping on my side and putting pressure on the sensor. It was sore. Within the next two days, the numbers were sometimes right on, and sometimes waaaaay off. Like when I was 85 mg/dL and Cooper thought I was 203. I decided to give it another day to see if the numbers would start to match up…maybe the sensor needed more time? I didn’t want to take it out just yet.

I woke up the next morning feeling fine, but I noticed my heart was beating a little too fast and a little to hard. I tested, and a 39 mg/dL shined on the screen. I freaked, jumped out of bed and started screaming at my husband.

I’m 39, I’m 39!! I’m freaking out!! HELP!” Which of course scared the shit out of him. And in my defense, I don’t think I’ve ever been that low, so I was panicking. A little.

After treating and letting my blood sugar rise, my husband asked why my CGM didn’t go off. Cooper told me I was 85 with a straight arrow…he obviously lied. I decided to give it just a few more hours to see if the numbers started matching up (I was reluctant to toss a sensor that had been in less than a week), which they did.

BUT, on the fourth day, I was doing laundry when I felt a little fuzzy. I looked at Cooper, who proudly displayed a 108 and sideways-up arrow. I tested, and found that I was actually 45 mg/dL.

I treated and angrily took out the useless sensor…I didn’t want to risk another low not being caught. Upon inspection, I saw that the wire was extremely bent, there was blood crusted all over it, and the site was raised and bruised. Not good.

And so, I put in a new sensor into my abdomen, where its supposed to be. I threw the old one in the trash… and that’s the last time I try and put anything in lower than my thighs. These things are too expensive to not make it the full seven days. I guess you live and learn.

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