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d-blog week: admiring our differences

D-Blog week was started last May by Karen at Bitter-Sweet and I totally missed it. I’ve seen some posts popping up today and although I’m recovering from food poisoning, I’d like to get involved. Besides, I missed all of April and there was so much I was going to link to and write about…

Here are some of my favorite bloggers take on D-Blog week:

From Kerri at Six Until Me

From Abby at Six Until Me

From Minnesota Nice at Purple Haze

From Amy T at Diabetes Mine

It’s kind of funny, that the first day’s post topic is Admiring our Differences. When I first got involved with the Diabetes Online Community, it was through MSN Chat and Communities. This was a while ago…… um…… 2001 maybe? At that time we never talked about differences. Of course we knew there were differences in Type 1 and Type 2, the way they are treated, how they are – well caused isn’t really the right word but you know what I mean. We were one community. I got drafted into a kind of leadership role and learned a lot about both types of diabetes – though I still get surprised sometimes by things I don’t know. Funny because I joined that group originally to learn. I had recently been diagnosed and didn’t have much of a clue. It was a good thing – lasting friendships came out of Wednesday Night Chat. God, Fenney and Wolfer were two of the funniest people I ever met and they made diabetes seem kind of fun.

MSN kind of exploded, the whole group and chat structure changed and I moved into the blogging world. It was such a different world. I was shocked by the animosity between some people with type 1 and others with type 2. I understand a little better now where some of the anger and frustration comes from but in the beginning, I was just hurt. I already blamed myself in large part for my diabetes and to read what some people had to say about that was much more isolating than inclusive. But there were (and are) others who I continued to read and learn more about their world with diabetes.

Admire? Oh yes. There are a lot of similarities in what we have to do to maintain our health and a lot of differences. There are times I just absolutely suck at doing the things I need to do and as a type 2, I can get away with that for a period of time. It just isn’t smart of me. I watch as some of my favorite bloggers struggle with their blood sugars, testing and bolusing and constantly on diabetes patrol. I was facing the possibility a few years ago of going on short-acting insulin since at the time, I was pretty out of control. The thing that scared me the most was whether I would be strong enough to constantly test, seriously count my carbs, and really, really pay attention. So yes, I seriously admire those with type 1 who are fighting the dragon.

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