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Baby dreams…

Maybe its the fact that I’ve had baby on the brain for the last four months, or maybe it was the weeks of clinical on the Mom-Baby floor at the hospital…but I’ve been having the strangest baby dreams.

Last night, I had a dream that I was about to go in for a C-section, and I realized I hadn’t taken pictures of the baby bump throughout the pregnancy. I was mad at myself for forgetting! I went in for the c-section, and the baby came out with no nose, just little slits for his nostrils (like Voldemo6rt from Harry Potter).

I was so upset that I refused to see the baby for a whole day. Finally, they brought the baby in because he needed to eat. I realized I loved my baby and wanted to see it. But when they brought him in, the baby was a girl and about the size of a 6 month old. And she could talk. I explained to her how I was going to breastfeed, and she fell asleep while eating.

Then someone I knew from highschool walked in, and was talking about their baby being all grown up and mine just being one day old, and when I looked down again, my baby was a cat! I tried to explain to this person that I gave birth to a baby, but it was growing into a cat and I would still love it no matter what.

I kept forgetting to feed the baby for days at a time and I was worried about it the whole dream, but the baby just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Later in the dream, the baby was a boy again (and he now had a normal nose), looked about two years old, and I was sitting in the backseat with him ready to go home. I was trying to show my little brother a picture of my husband, and how the baby looked just like Matt when he was a baby.

Then I woke up.

It has been the strangest dream yet. And that includes dreams of giving birth to twin puppies, a baby that turned into a pile of worms, and giving birth to a Water Wiggle  (see image on the right) and letting it drop to the floor and pop and crying hysterically because I was the bad mom that let my baby pop (I actually woke up with tears on my face after that one, lol).

Anybody else have crazy dreams when you were planning to start a family? Or just randomly?? I need to get a hobby so that I don’t have Baby Brain 24/7….

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