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What Are the Causes of Hereditary and Inherited Diabetes?

by delia grace green

Diabetes is one of the most causes of death in the world. Do you know that one third of the total world population die due to Diabetes? By going deeper into the causes of Diabetes, we could be able to assess how to deal with it, and how to complete avoid it. Let's identify the causes of Diabetes.

First, hereditary of inherited. Our ancestors who have Diabetes tend to pass through the disease to its successor. For example, a pregnant mother that has Diabetes has a high risk of passing the disease to the baby inside her womb since her baby's life is dependent to her. Second is age factor. Though diabetes occurs in all ages, 70%-80% of the cases have ages 50 years old and above. You know why? Older people have a high risk of acquiring diabetes than younger ones.

Another factor that most likely affects the acquisition of Diabetes is poor diet and malnutrition problems. Poverty, starvation, and famine are everywhere. Improper and incomplete nutrition, less fiber in the body can attract other communicable diseases aside from diabetes. Obesity and unequal body fat distribution contribute to a high risk of getting diabetes.

Another thing is stress. Physical, emotional, social, and psychological stress may lead to more serious illness. People prone to stress without trying to remedy and alleviate the stress they are going through may lead to untreatable and sensitive diseases like diabetes.

Carelessness and lifestyle are also factors for diabetes. Younger people tend to regret the limitations of our human body. They exploit it by having too much sexual activities, work outs and physical activities. They tend to engage in excessive activities unmindful of the effects it might cause to the human body. Experts believe that older men and women above 50 years old are not really particular with the needs and limitations of their human body thus, when they reach a certain age, say 50, they suffer the consequences of suffering from different diseases. Younger men and women today are inclined to excessive night out, bar hopping, and exposure to external factors in our society unmindful of the hazards it might cause them and unmindful of what's in store for them in the future.

Food choice is also one of the factors that greatly influence the risk of being a diabetic. Too much of something is dangerous. Too much sweets, sugar, fats, commercial preservatives are some of the common examples. It is not like we are limiting ourselves for those stuffs, what is meant is to minimize.

Well, Diabetes is not that easy to cure. It requires dedication, constant monitoring, carefulness and control. Diabetic persons are more likely to have liver cancer, heart stack and other crucial diseases as a complication. Living life in moderation is really true. Prevention is better than cure, so, experts recommend living our lives in moderation so as not to suffer if we are older. It is rewarding to die knowing that the live we've left is a wholesome and worth living for.

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delia grace green is a simple woman that loves to explore and share things through writing. She loves to share her knowledge to the users who care to understand everything about http://causesofdiabetes.org/. Causes Of Diabetes are free website that provides all the information that you need in Causes Of Diabetes : Things to consider in Causes Of Diabetes at:http://causesofdiabetes.org/

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