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Take Supplement to Maintain Health

Need to take Supplement daily to maintain our health. Where can we find and what to watch.

Initially we start with the basics. The protein formed by the combination of amino acids and is a key building block not only our body and almost all living beings.

Our body has a multiple role as it creates muscle, enzymes, antibodies and others. Therefore to maintain our health is essential to daily intake.

Sources of protein are both animal and plant kingdoms. But it is richer foods of animal origin e.g. meat, cheese, fish, etc.

However, not only nature that gives us the necessary protein. There are artificial sources of protein such as taking food supplements. At this point one must be very careful.

The Health Organization recommends for non- athletes, taking 0.85 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. This recommendation is the following very simple reason: to prevent the burden on our health.

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So even if a player is increased protein intake does not lead to increased athletic performance or support the nutrition of the body more efficiently. Quite the opposite. The excess proteins:

• It is stored and converted to urea, ammonia; burden the entire system of regulation of acid-base balance.

• Converted to fat.

• Often cause increased levels of uric acid in the blood, coupled with the parallel side and excretion of calcium.

• Predispose to dehydration and electrolyte loss while because of the increased removal of nitrogen for removing gr. Needs 50 grams of nitrogen Water

• Interfere with the absorption and metabolism of other amino acids. It is therefore obvious that the consumption of standard protein supplements, which do not contain the correct proportions of all essential amino acids, will lead to unbalanced uptake of amino acids.

• Incurred in renal and hepatic function. Of course there is some concern, for the amount of protein to fully clarify to be borne by the kidneys.

• The consumption also long-term animal protein has been associated with research results in the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and certain cancers.

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