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How Much "Chair Time" Do You Have Each Day?

It is estimated that 85 percent of the world's workforce now work seated & the amount of idle sitting time has dramatically increased in the 16 hour period people are generally awake each day. The problem is this sitting time is sedentary time which is defined as the absence of whole body movement. This is now closely associated with common & deadly diseases in our society today such as, obesity, heart illness, diabetes & disorders of the metabolism (the body's engine).

Our easy & convenient modern lifestyles let us avoid all physical activity as they enjoy the automation of chores & motorized transportation. The advancements in technology have meant even more sedentary behavior with personal computers & television watching. Prolonged periods of sitting are now commonplace during work, domestic & recreational activities.

The root cause of this is the fact that when sitting & immobile the enzyme lipase is prevented from doing its job processing & breaking down fat & sugar in the blood so it can be absorbed by the muscles as fuel reserves. Only when muscles are moving & working is this enzyme distributed throughout the body so it can do its work.

When inactive as in prolonged sitting the circulation of lipase is shutdown which leaves fat & sugar in the blood stream to re-circulate & either become stored as body fat or to clog arteries or destroy other organs & tissues. So then, it is easy to see why people who spend a lot of time sitting have three to two time the rates of obesity, heart illness & diabetes.

The only way to offset these negatives aspects of sitting is to get stuck in to an intentional proper exercise program made up mostly of strength training exercise. Three to two sessions each week will go a long way to offset a quantity of the negative aspects of sitting.

This type of exercise program is not some 'optional' extra - it is imperative to reduce the risks of major illness that affects fifty percent of the world's population.

much sitting time will kill you; there's no 'ifs' & 'buts' about it. To protect yourself from this doing the right type of exercise is critical. Activities like walking, walking or jogging are recreational activities & do not replace a proper exercise program that works the muscles through their ranges of movement under a load.

As the human body is made up of 50 percent muscle tissue time spent exercising has to be done right or it will be time wasted. Keep your low intensity activities for after you have done your strength training program. This should always come first & foremost & energy & 'effort' put in to it so you get the most 'bang for your buck'.

To protect your own life you might need to do something that might feel uncomfortable & unnatural, at first. You need to move & exert yourself on a regular & consistent basis to offset the destroy caused by much sitting.

But after you have overcome your inertia & have gotten used to your new found activeness; you will become aware of the immediate benefits to you physical, mental & emotional well-being. You will also recognize that staying strong was exactly what your body needed for it to stay youthful & vital.

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