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Holistic Approach to Tackle Obesity

Obesity is psychological causes?

Obesity is a multi-factor disease that may be due to inherited and somatic diseases, medications, wrong food habits and sedentary lifestyles. For each individual case is a holistic approach that can tackle the problem.

Undoubtedly, in many cases obesity is a symptom of a bigger psychological problem rather than the problem itself.

A large percentage of people using food as a protection and emotional way - to fill an emotional void to forget the unpleasant situations and thoughts.

Many people admit to eating without hunger or boredom, loneliness, anxiety and sadness. Others eat to reward or punish themselves.

It is understood that in such cases should be investigated and dealt with the psychological problems that lead to overeating and hence obesity.

By sticking to reserved emotionally somewhere and feel better, then worse, feeling guilty and ashamed of our inability to stop the evil that we ourselves over - eating is a dependency like any other drug deserves attention and immediate intervention.


Many people use one thousand excuses if they do not want to admit that they are not willing to make changes to in their lives. They try to convince themselves and others that they can control, insisting that they have confidence problem and that the burden is not a problem in their relations.

At this point, of course, there are serious doubts whether they can apply the above statements when someone has the ability and choice to dress as he wants to travel because they do not fit in an airplane seat or in the cafeteria of a chair, when forced to deny the relational lives of when they can not tie shoelaces.

Obesity apart from that a very serious threat to the health and lives of individuals condemned the obese person into a life of multiple compromises in everyday life inevitably adversely affect self-esteem and general psychology.

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It is understandable that many people find it difficult to change thinking and behavior and especially to face that haunts them and encourages them to overeat.

The important thing is to love ourselves as a necessary condition to make it better, rather than the love as it is refusing to help him, and in many cases to save him from the worst.

The process of psychotherapy and the therapist, using different techniques, can drive to understand and enhance the personal efforts of individuals helping to develop a new way of thinking that will help get rid of the dependence of eating and obesity.

Let us not forget that all the answers and solutions regarding health and our bodies are in the minds and therefore the choices we make.

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