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Blame What? Nothing?

The past month or so I've noticed an interesting change in my body.  Naturally the first thing I question is, "Is diabetes doing this?"  There's no way around it.  Diabetes is a complicated disease and the first place I go when something seems awry.

That goes for the bad and what may "seem" to be good.

So my "problem?"  I'm sort of embarrassed to say because I don't want to seem like a gloating chuffnut but not all good things are good.   I've been loosing weight in an unintentional way.  My eating habits haven't really changed, nor have my exercise habits (with the exception of nearly 2 weeks off due to illness).  I have never been able to loose weight with the diet and exercise that I've been keeping up for the past couple years.  In fact even though I stay on top of my health I always seem to gain weight and not loose it.  So for me to suddenly start loosing weight without even trying - that instantly makes me question the higher powers that be.  Diabetes et al.

So I'm trying here to pick away at possible causes.  High levels of stress and anxiety? possibly but those levels haven't changed much since this started happening.  Diabetes management?  I have gotten it under better control which means I should be putting on a bit of weight and not the other way.  If I was running consistently high I would surely attribute it to that.  But I'm not.

I have been gluten-free for almost 6 months.  If it's Celiac, typically before treatment patients loose weight unintentionally because of mal-absorption of nutrients.  So in my case though I was not given a positive Celiac diagnosis once going to a gluten-free diet I would assume one would gain weight.  So that doesn't match either.

I was up most of the night on the verge of tears at the thought of how all-consuming diabetes is in combination with all the other diseases that are common with type 1.  The diagnosis of type 1 is often not where it ends.  Later in life is when others rear their fat ugly heads.  Sure maybe this is something fluke, but maybe not.  I live in my own body and I've never experienced something like this before without a major change to my lifestyle of which there hasn't been any for ages now.  Diabetes is not just a disease that we manage non chalantly.  It's a disease that forces us to precariously balance on a tightrope afraid to fall into a hot lava pit of complications and other diseases.  It comes with a plethora of ugly complications.  It also comes with other unwanted bullies.  The whole auto-immune disease causes this.  With one comes others.  With an already compromised immune system it's not uncommon for diabetics to suffer with other auto-immune disorders.  I know thyroiditis and celiac are very common in those with Type 1 diabetes.  And those are just the auto immune disorders.  Never mind the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression...... the list is sickly long.

This led me to do a bit of research on Hyperthyroidism which is an over activity of the thyroid.  One of the symptoms is unexplained weight loss.  Naturally laying awake at night wondering why I'm loosing weight that is the first place I go.  "What could cause this that is common with diabetes?"  I am not crying wolf or jumping the gun, I'm just putting it out there because I am concerned about these unexplained body changes.  Sure I am loving feeling thin for no reason but I can't help but think there's GOT to be an explanation.

I am just..... confused.  It could easily just go back to normal and part of me feels that if I write this, things will just revert.  Like when something isn't working and you try again and again to fix it.  Only to call someone over for help and magically the problem is gone.

I don't know.  Listen to me ramble.

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