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Basal Testing

Why can't it be easier?  OK - I know - that's just me whining.  Nothing about this stupid disease is EASY.  But really... of all the things we have to do, basal testing REALLY gets under my skin. 

You probably think I am nuts... I mean after all, what's a little basal testing compared to poking his fingers multiple times a day and sticking him with giant needles every three days to switch out the site and sensor, right?  What's a little basal testing compared to having to weigh his food and count carbs every.single.day.   What's a little basal testing compared to having to get up at night, several times a night just to be sure he is still breathing, and that he is going to live through the night.

After all of that... what's a little basal testing?

Its the ONE and ONLY time I HAVE to deny him something. 

My boy LOVES his carbs.  I mean, he L.O.V.E.S them.  And, as you know, when you test basal levels, you have to be carb-free for the period you are testing for.  And this usually leads to tears and occasionally even a slight tantrum.  For me, its when D finally really makes it into the spot-light.  Because when you are basal testing there is no just letting him be a normal kid.  And it REALLY gets to me.

But alas... I have put it off long enough.  Its been about 9 months.  And I KNOW (thanks to the CGMS) that his basal levels are a mess.  So, a-basal-testing we shall go.


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