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Banana and Basic Principles of Diet

Banana largest herbaceous flowering plant, normally tall and fairly sturdy and are often mistaken for trees, comes from the Arabic word which means finger banan. It grows mainly in tropical climate, while the collection is yet but green and the fruit continues to ripen too quickly after cutting. Originated in Malaysia and Alexander the Great brought the fruit to Europe. Bananas come in a variety of sizes and colors when ripe, including yellow, purple, and red.

The banana because of its high content in Carbohydrates and high caloric value compared with other fruit avoided by consumers, especially in times diet. However, the banana is an excellent source of many vitamins and other nutrients while the sweet flavor and the saturation caused by the fiber to make a quality snacks than any processed foods or sweets.

More specifically, banana very good source Vitamin C, Potassium and fiber. The Vitamin C contained in banana enhances antioxidant defenses and protects human body from diseases. In addition vitamin C is especially valuable for composition of connective tissue the iron absorption and composition of blood cells.

The content of bananas in Potassium is very high compared to other fruits and foods. Potassium is an electrolyte that plays an important role in protein synthesis and the maintenance and development of muscle, And potassium regulate nerve impulses to muscle contraction. A diet rich in potassium has been shown to be a protective factor for the occurrence hypertension, and helps removal of excess sodium.

Moreover, banana by high concentration plant fiber helps particularly in good gastrointestinal function and proper digestion, and cause saturation when included in a meal. High fiber intake has been shown in scientific studies to guard the body of the outbreak of hyperplasia of the gastrointestinal tract, and contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.

The banana except the fiber contains 3 sugars; the sucrose, the fructose and glucose which are metabolized very quickly by providing a direct source of energy in the body by increasing blood glucose concentration. The bananas are also significant amounts Vitamin B6 involved in the synthesis of antibodies Immune our system, the composition of red in the Protein metabolism and the smooth operation of central nervous system.

Additional nutrients contained in the banana in smaller and Vitamin A the Riboflavin the Niacin the thiamine the iron the copper the zinc the pantothenate acid, phosphorus the calcium and magnesium

Finally, I must add that the banana is sodium And has traces of fat and cholesterol.

In conclusion, banana is a good source Interim snacks Rich in fiber and nutrients and in no case be removed from a balanced diet. The calorific value simply makes a good fruit that is not consumed in large quantities.

Basic Principles of Diet
Basic Principles: all meals of the day must be strictly being up 40 % carbohydrate, 30 % protein and 30 % fat. This makes diet difficult to implement and quite monotonous.

View the scientific community: The protein intake achieved by the application of this diet is very high and can cause various complications in the body. Additionally, low intake of carbohydrates it is not appropriate in a health food diet.

Possible weight loss due to reduced food intake and increased fluid loss.

Possible short-term effects: ketosis body, dizziness, dehydration, weakness, respiratory problems, increased calcium excretion

Possible long term side effects: Inherited renal function, vitamin deficiency, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

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