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What I Like about Hypos

OK, I KNOW that is a weird title! And don't get me wrong - hypos are dangerous, at least the very low ones. My point is this, we ARE going to have hypos so lets appreciate the good things about them! Here is what I love about them. I love the way they can make me perceive the world around me. During a hypo, the sky, blue with white tufts of clouds, is so AMAZINGLY beautiful. The perspective of the buildings jutting up into the blue above is so exagerated and never ending....The world around me looks SO VERY BEAYTIFUL! Secondly, magination just takes wing when my bg is low. Anything is possible. I remember writing a comment on Kevin's blog Parenthetic Diabetic. This was ages ago. In Kevin's blog post he was at a party where he works. There were so many tempting foods spread out there on the tables, and he was so STRONG and didn't just gobble everything up. I was having a hypo when I commented. I blabbed on and on about how he should try and add a new element into his already EXCELLENT log sheets. They let us note our blood glucose results, insulin amounts, exercise, and all the other elements that make calculating what to do to manage diabetes so complicated. What did I want added? Our emotional feelings! I am NOT talking about our level of stress. I am talking about how sometimes you see the numbers of a low or a high and you cannot really see how they correspond to our happiness, anger, frustration. For example, when Kevin saw all those delicious foods out there - of course it was really hard to say NO! Wouldn't it be cool if you could add that element of struggle so that it was visible on the graph. Then, when he was strong and didn't stuff himself with all those goodies, think if you could visibly see in the charts the happiness and the pride of success! All of this, is what I was blabbing about - or trying to explain. What is important is the following - not only does out imagination take wing but also all those wonderful ideas stay with us. Our imagination stays active in everything we do, in how we live our life.

The beautiful way we see things and our wonderful imagination stay with us. I have a particular street corner where I was having a hypo several years ago, and every time I am there I look up and clearly remember how beautiful the sky was!

I just thought this had to be said, since we ALL always gripe about hypos.

And since we have hypos there is absolutely no need to get drunk or take drugs!

I am good at some things, but oh so terrible at others. I hope it all evens out to make me average. I am so terribly terrible with computer stuff. Nicole at Curious Girl wrote about putting banners on our blogs for the United Nations' "Unite for Diabetes Campaign". Well, I DO want a big banner at the very top of my blog b/c this is SO important. I don't want another little button on the left side! I guess I chose the wrong template when I started this blog. Yesterday I called the people in Brussels working on this campaign and explained that I DID want to put a big banner at the very top, but couldn't figure how to do it. I AM a computer moron. In addition, I do NOT like sitting at my computer. I do like what computers allow me to do, but I want everything to go so very, very quickly so I can go out and do something FUN: take a walk, play with Skye in the park, read a book! I have so many books I just MUST read!

About books - are there others out there who just could not get through Melville's "Moby Dick", but wished they could? Are there others out there that love Nantucket, that little "far-away" island out in the Atlantic, beyond New Bedford, Massachusetts? Are there others out there interested in whaling? You others, you MUST read Ahab's Wife or, the Star-Gazer by Sena Jeter Naslund. Superbly written and so full of stuff about Nantucket's history. Such a lovely story! GREAT BOOK! When you read it you smell the rose covered cottages and the salt in the air. You feel the mist as it envelopes you.

I am sick of talking about diabetes. So much of my time is occupied with managing it that I MUST get away from it and think about other stuff. I still have low-range ketones (0.3-0.6mmol/l) all the time. My insulin to carb ratio is still very elevated. And I just have to say it - I don't know why! My brain is constantly mulling this question. Both the ketones and that my weight continues to decrease very slowly could perhaps be the cause. I now weigh about 43.5kgs, which is 95.7lbs (43.5x2.2). A healthy BMI index (kg/m²) is 18.5 to 24.9. My BMI is 43.5/1.49² which equals 19.59. I have calculated that the lowest healthy BMI index of 18.5 says that I should not go under 41kgs. I don't have to worry unless I go under 41kgs. I have to admit - I really do like being thin FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!!!!! All my life I felt chubby or fat. My insulin pump definitely helped me loose weight.

ONE more thing - I SO love Kevins's version 3.14 logsheets!!!!! You should see my wonderful pie diagrams. I am VERY proud of them. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, Kevin ! I have chosen your original "in-range values" of 80-140mg/dl!

Kevin, have the twins arrived?!!!!!

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