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Wesley Crusher, Will Schuester, and a Moose Broke Into My House...

..or at least they did in the dream I had last night.

I've mentioned my tendency to have wacky dreams or nightmares if my blood sugar is going nutty but this was definitely the craziest one I've ever had. Usually, there's at least one part that's plausible or something I'd dream about. This one didn't make any sense at all and I'm willing to bet I was laughing in my sleep.

I know this odd combo came from me watching the Glee Christmas episode (awesome) and the Christmas episode of Leverage (if you're not watching that show, you should be when it comes back on this summer) which Wil Wheaton guest starred in. What my blood sugar did with that combination while I was sleeping, however, was truly wonkified.

The scene was this:

I was at my parents' house for the holiday and saw a fully grown moose on their porch. How it managed to get up the stairs without me hearing, fit through the door without breaking it, and how the porch was supporting its weight is beyond me, but there he was. He provided the distraction for Wesley (Wil was acting more like his "Chaos" character from Leverage but was dressed as Wesley) to stage a high tech break in and jam the cell phones, cut the internet connection, and disable the house alarm. Again, how he actually got in the house with locked doors and with no weapons is beyond me but there he was. Mr. Schue came in first and was the "muscle" (in all of his Blossom-Vested glory) but was a softie and I could tell he didn't really want to be doing what he was doing. I wish he'd sung in the dream so I could dance with him but alas, he didn't.

It's also worth noting that the moose was never seen again. David Copperfield probably sauntered in and made him disappear when I wasn't looking.

The middle part of the dream is a little fuzzy, but for some reason there was a maid in the house with oozing ulcers on her legs saying she had to get out because she needed more insulin. Mr. Schue let me out of the ropes so I could dress her wounds and while he was distracted, I found an old disabled cell phone that could still dial 911, turned it on (apparently the signal jammer left that phone unscathed), dialed, and put it in my pocket.

Why did they break in, you ask? To steal the Christmas present I got for mom.

I woke up with a jolt, severely confused by the dream when I realized I was simultaneously sweating and freezing. I grabbed my meter and had the Jason Varitek (or the Larry Bird if you prefer) looking back at me - 33 mg/dl. I laughed to myself as I grabbed some juice and root beer barrels because as crazy (and at times, terrifying) as these dreams can get, I'm just thankful that they actually wake me up. It's as if diabetes has become the monster under my bed or in my closet. I never know when it's going to try to steal me in the middle of the night. While I know this won't be its last attempt, I also know that as long as I keep having wacky dreams, I'll wake up in time.. and have plenty to blog about.

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