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I am trying to follow everyone's advice - quick little updates that do not have to be perfect. This is HARD for me...... Dam perfectionism!

All week I have had hypos after lunch - bad ones in the 30s. As you all know this makes doing anything other than testing impossible. Entire afternoons were spent just testing and sipping coke and NOT doing any of the things I had planned to do! At the beginning of the week I took 7.5U for my normal lunch. Today I am down to the "old" 5U that worked for years. I find it very strange that the decrease has occured so rapidly. Will it increase again? I have had to decrease abit previously, but then insulin requirements went up again. Ketones at around 0.2-0.3mmol/l remain. Breakfast mealb has NOT needed to be decreased. Basal is constant. Afternoon exercise is ZERO due to all the hypos. Morning exercise is normal. I think it is maybe important for other to know that such strange things can happen. I have been sucessively decreasing the bolus every day this week and still hypos are terrible. Yesterday I could not read b/c my vision gets so bad and my head understands NOTHING. So I decided to look at TV, the boob-tube, which I never do! French, German and even English channels were nonsensical. Finally I just sat in front of CNN and thought positive thoughts. I am HAPPY that I am not in Pakistan where there are floods, or in England where there are also floods, or Greece where people are dying from the heat wave, and thank goodness I wasn't in Rhode Island listening to Bush talk at a Naval Academy about how good everything was in Irak, what progress was being made! OMG!

I am attaching this interesting article about how our body "remembers things", ie WHY patterns might repeat themselves - here . There must be lots of you out there who have noticed how highs and lows tend to repeat themselves, even when there is no explanation for it. Also I did not know that the DCCT trial showed that those who were not on strict sugar management got more complications even AFTER they switched to tighter control. Their previous poorer control CONTINUED to cause more complications. I wonder how long it takes to begin to reep the benefits of good contol...... I have lots of years of "bad/mediocre/unsucessful" control, before I got my pump. Oh well, done is done and nothing can be done about that. Anyhow I FEEL so much better now and that is what motivates me to TRY for good control.


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