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The Top Seven Holiday Gifts(for the PWD)

#1 For the Dexcom(er) (or Navigator user) in your life... I recommend one of these. You can get small camera & phone cases at any office supply store.(such as Office Depot,Staples) And I've found it to be much more useful then that generic "skin" they provide.(for the Dexcom) Yes,the skins look snazzy,but that feature really doesn't help me locate the Dex any quicker from the depths of my handbag...nor does it have a clip on the back.This does,and it's solid-does not get knocked off five seconds later.And I can find,& unzip it quickly,because it has a unique shape compared to the hundreds of other things that reside in said handbag.

#2 Music Player Cases

(looks like small backpacks)

I'm a fan of jazzed up meter cases...& these are perfect for the job,holding the meter,strips,backup vial,infusion set,syringe,roll of glucose tabs,& the Multiclix lancing device.(IMO,the greatest lancer ever,& no,I'm not being paid by Roche to say so,I am way too uncool for the likes of Roche. The Multiclix is just awesome...& better then the Delica,IMO.
These cases have several zippable compartments & a belt loop and are really quite the on-the-go accessory of the year.And I'm sure they exist in solid colors..for the male PWD in your life.


I found this ornament at CVS..& it immeadietly found a warm fuzzy spot in my heart.(& a place on our tree) Love,love,LOVE anything diet coke themed.


Cup-Cake-y lip gloss. (I prefer the CVS, or Bath and Body Works brands) So very yummy,and completely free (of the need for insulin). Of course, this often has the side effect of making one hungry for REAL cupcakes (and a trip to a real,live,cupcake establishment. More on that in a future post.) A gift card to a cupcake place is also an entirely appropriate present. (if the individual can cover such dietary excursions with insulin...I realize that not everyone who reads this is a type 1/family member of a type 1.Moderation is a must, for anyone.)

#5 If it's jewelry you're looking for,the JDRF and ADA have several new unique choices.(ideas gotten courtesy of Diabetes Living magazine)

- "Katie's Cure" (designed by a 12 year old with type 1)(Proceeds to benifit individuals living with type 2 diabetes,but that's completely beside the point) It's a very pretty design.

- JDRF charm bracelet. It would be cool if you could have the date of dx engraved on this(for $50,that should REALLY be an option)& I'm not sure I'd ever buy this,unless I had more money then I know what to do with..but I like the design.

- Diabetes Awareness bracelet. Hand engraved, in your choice of multiple diabetes sayings.($75)

- If you're looking for something much, much cheaper(and who isn't, these days) head over to the DRI & snag yourself an "I'm Tired of Diabetes" bracelet. It's made of recycled tires(environmentally friendly!) and the cost ($14.50 won't bust the bank.

-Finally, you can get an official Bret Michaels "Live to Rock, Rock to Live!" bandanna or an ID (I decide) tag from the American Diabetes Association.

The Stupid Sock Creature. (now if they would only make the Stupid Hand Creature,they'd be all set) Good for a few laughs(and endless hours of preschooler amusement)

#7 And lastly, you can get a free Bayer Contour USB meter (along with 25 strips) at Walgreens. (until 01/01/2011) Go here, print out a coupon (for $20 off) and they'll adjust it down for you (it's on sale for 9.99). Or, you can find $10 off coupons for both the USB and the Bayer Didget in their pharmacy diabetes magazines.This is not just another "free" meter offer..this is a snazzy meter( with strips), which makes it a pretty generous deal, IMO.

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