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The Not-Fun Kind of Roller Coaster

I love roller coasters!  There has never been a roller coaster that I've glanced at and thought, "Nah."  Oh no, I will take 3G (gravity, not cell phone network) turns with upside-down flips, all while hanging from my pony tails.  I am a lover of adrenaline and danger!  (And for the record, my favorite roller coaster is the Superman at Six Flags Atlanta.)  One roller coaster I am not fond of, however, is the glucose roller coaster (also known as the "glucoaster").  And for the past 24 hours, that's where I've been.  I'm currently on the last reservoir refill from my latest insulin vial, which means there is a good possibility my insulin is going bad.  This has happened to me several times before, and I've thought about chunking the vial once I get down to less than a reservoir's worth of insulin.  But the conservative side of me begins screaming, "That's wasteful!"  So I refill my reservoir like I always do, and spend the next 3 days coasting out some major BAHs.  It's not that the insulin has completely crapped out, it just takes longer for the insulin to really kick in to my bloodstream.  The other side of this glucoaster involves some homemade eggrolls I made last night.  In my humble opinion, I make the best eggrolls.  I can't stand ordering them from a Chinese restaurant because I'm very picky.  So when I feel the need to fulfill that eggroll hole in my heart, I make them myself.  Each eggroll only contains 12 grams of carbs, but they pack a mean delayed punch.  I forgot about this.  So when I bolused and ate 4 eggrolls while watching Date Night for our date night, I went to bed with a perfect reading of 100 mg/dL (score!).  But I woke up this morning to 298 mg/dL, with Constance showing that I had been over my high threshold for more than 3 hours.  (Why, oh why, do I never wake up?!)  So I dialed in a correction before my shower, and downed a bottle of water while I was getting ready.  Keeping an eye on Constance, it seemed I was dropping, FAST.  I checked an hour after my correction bolus and saw that I was 120 mg/dL!  (So much for the insulin being bad.)  So I quickly scarfed down some cereal between putting on my blush and mascara.  (Don't worry, I totally didn't try to eat my mascara brush and put the spoon to my eye.  Nope, nuh uh.)  Things seemed to have settled out now.  I'm currently 99 mg/dL with a straight arrow.  But I did delay leaving for work for 20 minutes to make sure I didn't crash.  I'm ready to get off.  I'm so exhausted after these last 24 hours, and all I've done is live my life!  Most roller coasters are fun, but sometimes I need a break.  Now, where's the funnel cake stand?

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