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The most AWESOME dream EVER! It Had all my DOC Friends in it!

I've not been feeling too well lately. I was doing so well on the D Blog week and well, I blew it. I was feeling kinda bad about it last night. The DOC must have been on my mind because I had a dream about my DOC friends and it was SO AWESOME!

It started out in a park (I'm not sure where) I was sitting on a bench just watching some birds, when a little girl came running up and sat down next to me. So cheery and happy. Next thing I know she whips out a meter and starts testing herself. She looks so familiar. I look at her and ask, "Is your name Cara?" Her face lit up, "Yep thats my name!"

It was Cara from The We Cara Lot Blog!

We sat for a moment and she saw some tubing and asked about my insulin pump. I took it out to show her. The next thing I know I see Reyna, Bridget, and Joe come skating over!  They had a bunch of bags!

Of course I start yelling to them, "Reyna, Reyna, It's me, Rachael from Pumpsley and Me!" They all three stop and come over, telling me about getting cans for a project. I laugh when Reyna mouths "F*** Ya" and gives me a high five! (I'm sure I started laughing in my sleep, thats so awesome.)

Next, I see a helicopter and It's Wendy and her whole family! The Chopper lands in the park and they come running over to say hi! All the girls are wearing those super cute blue tutus and flowers in their hair.
(For some reason we are all sitting in a circle playing "Duck, Duck , Goose".  Tink is mad because Joe keeps picking her.

We sit under a tree for a while shooting the breeze when we see a big group of people coming up the side walk with picnic baskets. One is yelling to me, Holy Crap! Its Haley from Naturally Sweett! She comes running up and gives me a big hug! (In real life she really helped me see the happy side of a rough situation this month! Thanks Miss Haley!)

Behind her I see, Jill and Kacey, Heidi and Family, Super Nate's Family, Addison, Jess, Tracy and Family, Nicole, Kris and Family, Heather, Alexis and Taylie (I was sad because she didn't have hair in the dream. She's doing okay and has hair today. She is in remission from Leukemia). There were more people, sorry I couldn't remember everybody...

Everyone pulls out their picnic baskets and its full of sugar free foods, and gluten free foods! We have fun in the park for hours, playing and talking. Everyone is showing each other their pumps and CGMS. It was like a big family!

Finally, it started it get dark. We all had glowsticks and decided to have a parade! Marching down a street with tons of people cheering, we dance down the street waving blue glowsticks, and throwing blue bracelets into the crowd. A bunch of the kids are riding on a float decorated in blue. Suddenly, Bret Michaels appears on the float and it stops, and a big concert erupts! Beside the float people are handing $100 bills to a woman, and there is a counter that is keeping track of the money. When it reaches 1 Million dollars everyone starts cheering! Then Bill Gates Appears and donates 100 Million more, so everyone can get insulin free of charge!

Then I hear Dex beeping..... I wake up, and before even checking my BG I start writing down the dream. afterwards I realize I am 54, but it was totally worth it!

I know it was just a dream, but it felt so real, and I got to spend the night hanging out with my DOC friends!

You guys rock! (Even when I'm asleep!)

Thanks for an awesome night! (((HUGS))) to you all! :)

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