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The dog ate my diabetes blog week

I meant to do it. I sat down on day 1 and was having such an awful day that I just couldn't admit to myself or the world that between Liam's night time checks and my teething baby I sleep an average of less than five hours a night- on a GOOD night, never even close to uninterrupted. I read and read and read all everyone else had to say. I took notes. I laughed. I cried. I nodded my head in total understanding. I mentally drafted blog posts while doing dishes, grocery shopping, and changing diapers, but every time I had a moment to stop and write it... it was just too much. It's nothing huge, necessarily. Liam has been acting out and we didn't know if it was because he was a four year old boy, or a slightly sleep deprived four year old boy, or a diabetic four year old boy... you get the picture. We've always taken the attitude that wonky blood sugar or not, he still has to act in an acceptable way. And wonky blood sugar it has been. He had strep throat, which announced itself when he threw up all over the place, which then lent itself to a vicious cycle of starvation ketones that wouldn't go away because he wouldn't eat because his throat hurt. Then he was on antibiotics for 10 days- more wonky blood sugar. And now he suddenly needs half the insulin he did before for corrections, so we've been battling daily lows with no discernible rhyme or reason. Things are going a little more smoothly now. It took us taking a hard look at things and realizing that while he was getting a lot of attention- a lot of it was related to diabetes, and managing it. Things aren't perfect, but we're getting there. On top of that, Peyton is now 11 months old and is cutting her fourth top tooth. We've had a non-stop teething extravaganza over here in the last couple of months, and this tooth seems to be the worst one yet. There is not much sleep happening, which tends to make other things get a little out of focus. There is other stuff too, but I can't remember what it is right now, and I'm going to call that for the blessing it is and go to sleep before I remember. Good night.

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