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The Brick Wall

I've hit it.

In fact, I think I hit it around 6 weeks ago. Since then I've been banging my head against it in earnest, because I don't know what else to do.

Let me illustrate with some BG readings (all in mmol/l).


6am: 8.7
8am: 12.5
10am: 8.9
1pm: 10.1
3pm: 6.6
5pm: 7.1
9pm: 4.9

So, too high in the morning, & only coming down after lunch - then dropping a bit too low near bedtime.


6am: 11.1
8am: 10.0
10am: 3.6
1pm: 8.4
3pm: 3.8
5pm: 12.0
9pm: 14.3

Basically, the complete opposite. Low in the morning & way too high in the evening.

EVERYTHING is the same. My basal rates are the same, bolus ratios are the same, types & amounts of food are the same, activity levels are the same, correction factors are the same...

There are no patterns. I've barely changed anything for weeks because I'm trying to spot patterns, but there are none. None.

Amongst all those readings, only one is on target. There was obviously a yo-yo issue today because of a couple of hypos. But I had no hypos yesterday. One of John Walsh's points from Pumping Insulin is to stop highs by stopping hypos. But how can I stop hypos if I don't know when they're likely to occur?!

I've been eating nothing but low-carb, low-GI foods for the last couple of weeks to limit the post-meal spikes, because I suspect these spikes are contributing to my higher-than-I'd-like A1c (7.5%). But the last couple of weeks have been mayhem. Low-carb, low-GI seems to be making no difference. Not only am I cutting out all the foods I love, but I'm not even seeing good BG levels as reward for this.

Right now I so very badly want to throw in the towel. I want to eat nothing but refined carbs and drink nothing but Peach Schnapps & full sugar lemonade, all weekend. I've had enough. All of my effort is getting me nowhere. I find myself wondering, "What is the point?"

P.S. I apologise for the negativity. Such is life with diabetes. Sometimes it just gets too difficult.

P.P.S. The BG readings I've given here are only about half of the readings I take on a day-to-day basis - I'm averaging 12-14 tests at the moment (didn't want to bore you guys by telling you all of them). I wonder if it's possible to test, & therefore worry, too much? Perhaps the stress is causing/contributing to the mayhem? Ugh. I don't know.

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