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(the following is a deep,dark rant,and if you can't handle unfortunate realities I encourage you to stop reading now.I think most PWD feel like this,at some point.)

Sometimes being the only person with diabetes sucks.

Sometimes I don't bolus for that piece of Triple Decker Death-By-Chocolate caramelized goodness.(on purpose,and I shortly rue the day..not a good idea even you are tired of diabetes)

Sometimes I forget my meter,forget lancing device,forget
strips,forget glucose,forget back up insulin,forget pump supplies,or forget money. And sometimes I forget all of those.

Sometimes I want to give up.(dark thoughts,don't go down that road)

Sometimes a blog comment really makes my day!(ok,most blog comments really make my day)

Sometimes I want to hit the Diabetes Police very,very hard.

Sometimes I can throw 100 carbs at a low & not break 120,other times I can eat 15 & voila, I'm 220.

Sometimes I wonder if a middle of the night low will be how I go.

Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a cure.

Sometimes spontaneous combustion of tears is the sole symptom of a low blood sugar.(classy,not)

Sometimes I wonder if any of my classmates will be caring for me(in a nursing home) in 30+ years.

Sometimes the combination of Diet Coke & Spearmint gum tastes like rotten socks.

Sometimes having diabetes isn't as bad,when everyone else out there "gets it" too.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so lucky,despite it all,when others haven't been.

Sometimes I think I'd like to beat the insurance company executives over the head & make them see that supply restrictions is not the way to contain costs,they'll simply pay for the complications later.

Sometimes I'll spot a fellow pumper in the wild.

Sometimes I'll eat twice as much of whatever I'm told not to eat,just to spite whoever said I couldn't.

Sometimes I wake up and have no idea how many carbs were actually consumed during that 3 AM low.

Sometimes I will eat sugar-free candy,and not gag.(if the situation is non-resolvable)

Sometimes I wish I had a personal Endo 24/7 who would take care of the diabetes crap while I just lived my life.

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