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I have been snowed in for the last two days. Literally. We're almost at two feet of snow, and it's still snowing. I work 30 miles away, so haven't been in this week so far. Trying to work from home via e-mail, but most of the work to be done requires me to be in the office, which is physically impossible. I was able to get out for a very short walk yesterday. Today I can barely get past my garden gate before I start to seriously sink into the snow, and I just don't have the leg power to keep pulling my feet back out.

I'm concerned about this snow. Not just because it's cold, I can't see family/friends or get to work and can't get to a shop for food (fortunately we stocked up at the weekend). But I'm concerned because I have the added complication of type 1 diabetes.

I have 2 bags of jelly babies and 2 bottles of Lucozade for hypo treatments. If I use this before I can get out - I'm in trouble. I have 6 vials of insulin (each of these will fill around 5 reservoirs). If I use these before I can get out - I'm in trouble. I have 8 packs of test strips for my meter. If I use these before I can get out - I'm in trouble. And the thing that's concerning me most is that I have 10 reservoirs and 10 infusion sets left - provided I have no problems with canulas and need to change more often than normal, this should last me a month. But if I use these before I can get out - I'm in trouble. Given that this is only November and I'm already snowed in - how long might this last?! It would be my worse nightmare to run out of supplies.

The inactivity is also causing problems with my control. Three hours after lunch? 14.7 (265). The lack of exercise is sending my BG way too high. Another temporary basal rate, then?

So, something which would wreak havoc for anyone wreaks more havoc for someone with diabetes. Being cooped up in the house all day is unpleasant enough - worrying about running out of insulin makes it ten times worse!

Fingers crossed the snow stops soon, even just for a few days so I can stock up. Please cross your fingers with me!

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