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sleeping with an insulin pump

there's only one downside to having an insulin pump and that is sleeping. it can be quite awkward. i suppose it depends on how you sleep normally; i was always a shuffler, so it's no great deal to me. currently my set is on my abdomen, and as such its really easy to sleep, as i only sleep on my side or my back, so it's easy to just roll around and move patrick with me whilst i sleep.

but when my set is in other places, ahem (it's so not ladylike to say it!), it is truly weird to sleep. although i can sleep on both sides technically, it really isn't wise too, becuase that generally results in a set failure due to some tube moving or my lying on the tubing. it can all get in a tangle.

i hope i don't scare you all. let me just say i wouldn't be without patrick, and i'm quite happy to shuffle. be very thankful if you sleep like a log always.

and there's another thing, my nightmares are always consisting of large pools of water and me forced to go in them with patrick still on. occasionally i get super natural dream powers to walk on the water, but not always. it can be kind of scary. thank goodness that these are the only type of bad dreams i have, but it's not a helpful sort of dream.

anyway, sleep is super important for diabetics as it definitely helps to establish a routine within your body, and gives it time to repair. i always have at least 8 hours a night, and feel the effects if i don't quite reach that many hours. because i'm so sensitive to what my body is saying, i can feel the eye strain and the worse circulation might have something to do with not getting enough 'repair time'.

having said that, i also realise that if i sleep for 8 hours but not at my usual time, my blood sugar levels are also slightly off balance throughout the day. even if it shifts by two hours, say instead of 10:30-7:30 (my usual times) i go to sleep at 1am and wake at 9am. as fantastic as it is to lie in, i'm never quite prepared for the reprecussions of eating later, and doing everything later (as well as being more tired!). you can always go to bed earlier, for sure, that never seems to make much difference, and in fact means i wake up more refreshed and energetic. but to wake up later is not usually brilliant...

as always, i hope this is helpful, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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