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Random Friday Comments

...I will be glad to see the end of May.  A ceiling cave in, rogue wisdom tooth, and MIA insulin prescription, plus some crazy ass weather, made for an interesting month.  It also had some highly humorous moments spawned by the aforementioned ceiling cave-in, wisdom tooth, and MIA insulin prescription.  Humor is like salt for sanity.  It acts as a preservative.

...I ran to the store the other night to buy some glucose tabs.  While I was there I remembered I needed flour and was low on brown sugar.  So, I bought fruit punch glucose tabs, white flour, and brown sugar.  I was gittin' CARB-Y wit' it!

...When the Dexcom starts shrieking that you're 40 mg/dl and you don't feel any low symptoms, it's panic inducing.  Then when you test and you're at 100 mg/dl instead of 40 mg/dl, it's rage inducing.

...It's fun to have new boys come to kettlebell class because we show off.  Then I'm sore the next day.

...You know I've been driven to utter distraction when my husband reminds me to do something and I don't even get mad.

...I finally figured out what's causing the claw marks on the left side of my ass.  For a long time, I was convinced I was transforming into some sort of were-creature with fleas and scratching myself in my sleep.  Then I realized that's the spot where my insulin pump belt clip hits me when I sleep.  I like the were-creature theory better.

...I haven't changed much since I was about 4 years old.  Wednesday afternoon, I called my dad when the tornado warnings started to see what I should do.  He hadn't even realized there was bad weather coming.  So, I called my mom and tattled on him for being unaware.

...The NBA play offs are worth watching purely for Charles Barkley's commentary.  Love that dude.

...My hoarding tendencies have saved my ass twice this week.  Once with insulin reserves and then again when I bought Triple A instead of Double A batteries for my pump and had to go into my "drawer stash."  Sometimes you have to protect yourself from the stupidity of others and sometimes you have to protect yourself from yourself!

...We go to Wally entirely too often.  Eric and I went in opposite directions when we got there the other night and when he came to my side of the store, he walked by the manager and the manager said "Your wife went past me into the bakery and I haven't seen her since..."

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!  Stay safe and remember those who have fought for our freedoms!

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