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I have read articles and seen advertisements that state you can "reverse" your diabetes. Are they serious?? To reverse it means to bring it back to the point where you didn't have it. That is a completely FALSE statement. They are claiming that by eating certain foods or removing certain things, usually carbs, from your diet that you will "reverse" your diabetes.

First of all, there is NO cure for diabetes to date. Once you are diagnosed with Diabetes, you HAVE diabetes always and forever. It is not a pimple, it will not go away after a week or so LOL....This is a serious issue because there are companies and advertisers out there that are promoting something that could fatally harm diabetics by encouraging them with false hope. Companies like these prey on the newly diagnosed diabetic who are firstly devastated with the diagnoses, those who are in denial, and the ones who know absolutely nothing about diabetes and will believe the first thing they see which is usually these ridiculous ads that are advertised all over the internet.

The truth is that once diagnosed with diabetes, you have to follow a very strict regime of diet and exercise and take the medication that your Doctor has prescribed. Eating all the miracle veggies and drinking all the cure all juices and smoothies might work temporarily and make you feel good for a short time...With diabetes, you are looking at the long term effects not the short term. You need to think about so much more than your glucose levels...you have to think about your eye sight, your kidney function, infections, illnesses and so much more. That is why you test your A1c...its one of the long term effects!!

Diabetes can not be wished away...it is a DISEASE that can be maintained or under control but it will NEVER go away. The minute you go off the fad diets, miracle juices, smoothies, etc....your glucose levels will return to the way they were before or even worse.

Instead of reading all these advertisements promising false hope, why not just go to your registered Dietician and follow a healthy, well balanced diet with medical supervision...its probably cheaper than the alternative methods that are out there.

I found this on the American Diabetes Association site....

MYTH: There are cures for diabetes, but doctors and the government aren't telling anyone.

FACT: No matter what you may hear or see on the Internet, there is no cure for diabetes. Many scientists and researchers have dedicated their careers to finding a cure for diabetes, and they've made many advances in diabetes research. But the only way to manage diabetes now is to take insulin and medications as prescribed, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of physical activity, and check blood sugar levels regularly. Until there really is a cure for diabetes, do your best to manage your child's diabetes with the tools available now.

Remember, there is NO WAY you can "REVERSE" diabetes...but you CAN make your life easier by managing your diabetes by following the advice of your Physician and Register Dietician, maintain monthly diabetic check ups, take your medication as prescribed, keeping your weight down, exercising daily and having your A1c checked every 3 months. This is the best way to manage your diabetes and live a long healthy life.

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