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Please, EXPRESS SCRIPTS, Can I Have Some Insulin???

This was supposed to be a glorious and magical Friday.  A delivery truck was to have pulled in front of my house and a hot delivery man was to have handed me a styrofoam cooler filled with vials of bottled pancreas juice.  Alas, this was not meant to be.  I'll pick up where I left off in my post from Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Kelsey, douche-bag-Derrick's supervisor, told me my prescription would be processed in 24-48 hours and then overnighted.  By my calculation, my prescription should have been here by today, Friday.  I eagerly checked the online system last night for a tracking number.  And......guess what?  It was still showing as "In process at the pharmacy."  FUCK.  I called Kelsey's extension and left a message, knowing full well she likely wasn't there at 8pm in the evening.  Then I went to bed.  This morning, I left messages for Kelsey at 9am, 9:30am, 10am, and when I hadn't received a response by 11am, I called back and navigated through the call center.  I was strangely calm but looking forward to exhibiting my theatrical skills, should I be pushed.  The rep told me it was with the pharmacist and would be shipped in 2-3 business days.  At this point, I turned on the (fake) water works and put a sob in my voice.  I refuse to allow them to get to me after Tuesday but I think they needed to hear some emotion, so I went for broke.  I tearily explained yet again that without insulin, I would die.  I sobbed when I told her of the saga to date and how I had apparently been lied to repeatedly.  I went so far as to ask the rep if they were actively trying to kill me to get out of paying my benefits or what (hello, DRAMA QUEEN).  She tried valiantly to assure me that the shipment would be made and I dug in my heels.  I said, over and over, "I'm sorry and I don't doubt your veracity but I do doubt the veracity of your source of information because I have been told that very same things 3 other times and yet I still have no insulin."  She put me on hold and went to her supervisor.  Then she tried to assure me that her supervisor had assured her that it would be taken care of.  I asked for documentation.  She put me back on hold, came back and said it would "show in my account."  Not good enough I said.  She asked if I wanted to speak to the supervisor and I said "Yes, please."  Before I even started to explain the situation to the supervisor, I prefaced it with a brief primer on insulin.  After I finished, she assured me that she understood very well how important insulin was, since her son was on insulin.  OK, I though, this one gets it, maybe she'll actually make something happen.  She contacted the pharmacist directly and told me the shipment would go out today, but it wouldn't get here until Monday since they don't do Saturday deliveries.  OK, fine.  I asked for proof and she said it would show on my online account.  I will be checking that feverishly throughout the weekend.  I'm hopeful that since this particular supervisor actually some real world experience on the importance of insulin, this time it will actually be resolved.

Would anyone like to place a bet on whether or not it will actually show up on Monday???  I'm not in any danger, I have a full pump cartridge and a vial I just opened last night, and I can poach one of my dad's vials if I need a fill in.    I can only hope I don't shatter any vials between now and Monday.  Last night, I dropped my last vial on the hardwood floors in the living room.  THANK GOD it bounced, otherwise I would have been at my parent's house like a street urchin "Please sir, may I have some insulin?"

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