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I am not real adept at dealing with physical pain.  The pains I usually get are of the "in the ass" metaphorical variety and I have a variety of effective methods for coping with those.  Physical pain is a new one to me.  I mean, sure,  there's an occasional intermittent stabbing or searing pain with an infusion site or a bumped sensor and occasionally I would qualify my workouts as painful (in the 'you're working hard' kind of way, not the 'you're hurting yourself kind of way), but that's it.  This week has been a whole new world for me, what with the abscessed wisdom tooth and all.  I've got the "in the ass" variety covered too, with my little caved in ceiling incident.  Great combo.  But, I'm on top of (HA!) the ceiling problem and hope to have it fixed in the next week thanks to a great old friend from high school.  The wisdom tooth is going to be an issue for probably the next two weeks.  The extraction of Earl (I named it Earl after the Dixie Chick's song 'Goodbye Earl') takes place next Thursday morning and based on what I'm told, I won't be back to pain free for awhile after that.  Speaking of what I've been told, did you know that the only thing worse than the random diabetes horror stories are the not-so-random wisdom tooth extraction horror stories.  GOOD GOD, everyone I know has one of their very own and isn't shy about sharing.  Even after I tell them to shut their cake hole (and yes, I've literally said that, but it didn't do any good), they continue to regale me with details of pliers and dentists standing their chests and wisdom teeth broken off halfway through, and all sorts of other things that don't do a whole lot for my anxiety level.  Yeesh!!!

Between now and next week, I'm completing a course of antibiotics and also have a bottle of Hydrocodone (Vicoprofen) for pain management.  The Hydrocodone freaks me out a little but not to the point that I won't take it.  I had my best night's sleep in 4 days after starting it and I'm not giving up sleep.  I'm allowed to take a Hydrocodone every 6 hours.  Unfortunately, it was wearing off after about 5.5 hours and the intervening hour was pure misery.  I don't cry, ever.  But, I sat at my keyboard yesterday afternoon with tears streaming down my face and my nose running, for about 20 minutes before I could even think straight.  That sucked.  Hard.  So, I called my Mom and asked if I could layer regular ibuprofen in with the super-charged kind to bridge those gaps and also reduce my intake of the super-charged kind and she said that was OK, just don't go overboard (she's a nurse and very familiar with pain management, so she counts as professional advice) and eat up my stomach lining.  Got it.  I can do that.  So, I've been formulating a strategy for managing the meds, minimizing the amount of the prescription kind, and avoiding timing differences so as to not wind up crying on my keyboard again.  It's a lot like trying to figure out how to match your carb peaks with your insulin peaks to prevent blood sugar spikes.  In fact, this may sound weird, but I'd rather manage my blood sugar, I'm more comfortable and a mis-step may result in a high blood sugar or a low blood sugar, but to date, none of those have brought me to tears from physical pain (yet, knock on wood).  Frustration, yes, fear, yes, but physical pain, no.  I remember when I first started managing my insulin and it sure wasn't easy at the time but now it's close to second nature.  I don't want to get that familiar with pain!!!  

PS:  Anyone who's been affected by the tornadoes, both here in STL and in the South last night, is in my prayers.  Be Safe!!

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