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News from the Doc and the number of the week!

My favorite number this week is 6.4. More precisely, 6.4% which is what my most recent hbA1c test was. It has gone down by a total of 0.4% since my last test in December. (hbA1c is a measure of average blood glucose over the previous 3 months. Non-diabetics have a number usually below 5%, most Type 1 diabetics range from 5.5 to 12%. A good hbA1c for a diabetic is anything at 7% or lower).

My endocrinologist called earlier this week to tell me the good news about my hbA1c, and we also talked about the crazy blood sugar lows that I've been having. My labs came back normal for antibodies, so he doesn't have an explanation for why my blood sugars were going so low and being so weird. The only other theory I have is that because of my new nutrition plan, I was paying a lot closer attention to what I was eating, carb counting more accurately, and eating more nutrition/dense foods which may have caused my body to process the insulin faster than food was being absorbed and which may have lead to my insulin dosing being incorrect.

The plan for now is to keep paying attention to blood sugars (duh) and keep watch for trends. If I start to go too low too often, I'm supposed to scale back my insulin dosages by 10%, and I'm to report back to my endocrinologist in 3 months with more numbers.

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