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Monitoring Diabetes And Your Healthcare Provider

by Michael Hutch

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is just the start of what you and your doctor need to do to keep an eye on your type 2 diabetes. It is likely the most immediate factor that comes to mind however. Glucose levels rising are the primary indicator of Diabetes in the first place. The doctor uses HbA1C testing to monitor your long-term glucose levels. Consequently, this usually happens about four times yearly. This testing gives you and your doctor a picture of how you diabetes control regime is working over the long run. It is not a short-term monitoring tool, as it does not show every day ups and downs of glucose levels.

Your doctor will also need to monitor other things after you get a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. These include your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and other items. Body-weight is very critical since additional body weight can lead to higher insulin resistance. Lowering weight to within the recommended range can significantly improve the control that you have over your diabetes. Your doctor will watch to make sure your weight is at least staying the same and not rising. If you have trouble losing weight, your doctor may recommend dietand exercise changes to accelerate the process.

Your doctor monitors your blood pressure and cholesterol since those with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease than the general population. It is important to do the right things to bring both of these measurements under control before you develop severe cardiovascular problems. That may mean making dietary changes as well as reving up the level of physical activity. If changes do not make enough impact into those numbers, your doctor may prescribe medications to help lower either or both of those measurements.

Your doctor will also need to review your glucose readings over time. As a result, this is one essential reason to keep an accurate readings record. This information can give him the information to spot trends that you might not catch. It will allow him to make recommendations on changes in diet and physical activitiesto maintain your blood sugar levels. Your doctor may have other tests that he wishes to perform regularly to make sure your health stays level or improves. Early detection of problems means a faster intervention and prevention of problems. It is important to make your doctor part of the solution to managing your type 2 diabetes.

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