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Monday 17th - Sunday 30th January Training...

Wednesday 19 January 2011:

I was sad to leave Wanaka but on Monday I did the 9.30hour drive from Wanaka to Nelson. The following day I drove to Picton and then waited 10hours before I could sail home on the ferry. I used this time to rest up from the Half-Ironman distance. Wednesday was the start of the Petone Splash and Dash so I raced.

S500m - 11.57mins/R3km - 13.22mins (25.19mins). It was a bit hard on the old body but I was placed 2nd overall female behind Katie Fenton. http://www.splashanddash.co.nz/Petone/Results_files/splash%20and%20dash%20petone%20r1%20-%202011.pdf

Thursday 20 January 2011:

Cycled 3hours (75km) around Maymourn loop. This was a nice ride with 2 major climbs but the rest flat/rolling hills.
Saturday 22 January 2011:
Swam 40mins (2km) and cycled 3.30hours (85km) in Masterton. This was a hard session in the rain.

Sunday 23 January 2011:

Swam 50mins (2.1km) at the Masterton Pool.

Tuesday 25 January 2011:

Ran 1hour (10km) through the Korokoro Valley. This session was very hilly and I enjoyed running off-road (AM).
Swam 1.10hours (3.3km) with Ali Dennis squad. I led the lane two and we swam 6 x 25m, 6 x 50m, 6 x 75m, 2 x 100m, 4 x 75m, 4 x 50m, 4 x 25m (PM). Insulin pump was off for swim session.

Wednesday 26 January 2011:

Cycle 1.19hours (28km) up State highway 2. I fell into two holes after Silverstream and punctured after the second so I turned back (AM).

S730m - 16.16mins/R5km - 21.33mins (37.39mins). This was the fourth race in the Wellington Series. Even though the harbour was rough I managed to run myself into first place in the 30-39year age group. I also managed to place 7th overall female (PM).

Thursday 27 January 2011:

Swam 1.15hours (2.5km) with Ali Dennis squad. We did a 750m time trial...despite having a 1.3mmol-L hypo during the warm up, I was able to sort it out in time to lead lane 2's TT. I did 12.12mins which I was please with considering how tired I felt (PM).
BG levels: pre-swim 3.6mmol-L, during 1.3mmol-L and post-swim 8.6mmol-L
Ran 55.19mins (8km) over a hilly course - home from the Pool.
BG levels: pre-run 8.6mmol-L and post-run 5.6mmol-L

Friday 28 January 2011:

Cycled 2.15hours (57km) from Korokoro to Scorching Bay and back. This was an enjoyable ride although i bit windy (AM).
BG levels: pre-cycle 3.7mmol-L and post-cycle 5.6mmol-L.
Swam 20mins (500m) at Freyburg Beach with Maria and Jason. Much deserved muffin and diet coke at Parade Cafe afterwards (PM).

Saturday 29 January 2011:

Cycled 4hours (110km) around Wellington (AM). I was disappointed when the wind changed direction half way through the ride and I found myself battling head winds in both directions. Nevertheless a good ride.

Sunday 30 January 2011:

Ran 2.13hours (24km) from Korokoro to Eastbourne and back to York Bay (to my brothers). Lovely long run but once again windy. Consumed 1 x litre of replaced, 1 x sugarfree V drink, 1 x Powerbar Gel and some Powerbar Shots (AM).
BG levels: pre-run 5.6mmol-L and post-run 9.1mmol-L.

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