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Missing: 6 Vials of Bottled Pancreas Juice

When the calendar flipped to May, I reviewed my healthcare spreadsheet.  This handy-dandy worksheet tells me what doctor's appoints I have coming up, when I need to re-order supplies and prescriptions, and what I need to follow up on from the previous month.  I obey the spreadsheet.  I have some hoarding tendencies when it comes to my d-supplies and being low on something sends me into a panic, so I try very hard to avoid ever scraping the bottom of the cabinet.  I logged into Express Scripts website and noted that my insulin prescription needed a refill and I initiated the process for the provider to contact my endo and get that accomplished.  Clicky-clicky and I was done.  I put a note to follow up a couple of days to make sure there were no issues, I'm always afraid the paperwork will get snarled and I'll be left hanging.  It hasn't happened yet, but still, I worry.  On May 11th, I logged in and saw that my order was being packaged for shipment.  Awesome, that part worked as it should.  That was Wednesday, so I would have a shipment of fresh bottled Pancreas Juice by Friday at the latest.  I was hoping it wouldn't come Thursday as the temp was running in 90s here in the metro STL area and I had to go into the office that afternoon and would be at a meeting throughout the evening.  I hated the thought of my juice sitting on the front step with ice packs melting and juice rapidly spoiling.  No delivery Thursday.  Phew.

Friday morning, I hit the FedEx tracking button and saw that my script was still showing as "Picked up" rather than "In Transit."  This caused me concern and I made ANOTHER note to follow up if it didn't arrive on Friday or Saturday.  At this point, I was a little nervous because I had visuals of a lonely little styrofoam cooler sitting forgotten in a warehouse and the Bottled Pancreas Juice spoiling as it sat there.  No deliveries on Friday, except for my dad's iPad via a very hot UPS man.  None on Saturday.  So, Sunday morning, I checked the tracking site again.  Still showing as "Picked up."  Shit.  If it had been test strips or birth control pills, I'd have waited.  Those things aren't temperature sensitive to the extent that Pancreas Juice is, so that would be unsettling but not overly upsetting.  Pancreas Juice is a whole different story.  I called my provider, Express Scripts, and explained the problem.  They asked if I had called FedEx.  Erm, NO.  I had a bug up my butt about that and was NOT calling FedEx, I felt THEY should call FedEx.  So, I politely told the call center person that I had not and would prefer that Express Scripts do so.  I further explained that Pancreas Juice is temperature sensitive and whatever they had shipped was probably spoiled by now as the ice packs had more than likely melted.  She said she would consult her supervisor.  She came back on the line and said her supervisor wanted to know how much insulin I still had from my last order.  I told her I had enough to get me through the next week.  She put me back on hold and consulted again with the supervisor. I was starting to envision this supervisor as a God-like individual who could have literally held my life in her hands had I not been proactive in my reordering.  The rep came back on the line and told me they were consulting with the pharmacist tomorrow and would make this right, one way or another.  I hope they do and I hope it's quick.  Sometimes I feel silly for being a bit on the obsessive side about maintaining a cushion, but when something like this happens....

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