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Mail Order Pharmacy Rage

Remember my 6 missing vials of bottled pancreas juice?  Well, I followed up with Express Scripts this morning to see if there had been any progress and it did not go well.  Scratch that, it went horribly.  I am utterly appalled at the customer service I received.  I placed a call this morning and was told that there was no record of my call on Sunday.  OK, let's fix it now then.  The call center rep claimed she contacted FedEx and they would put a trace on the package and FedEx would get back with me today.  Great.  I received an automated message from Express Scripts about 2 hours later requesting that I call for "an important update."  So, I called, thinking it would be an update on my missing order.  Yeah, not so much.  The important message was that my doctor had not responded to the refill request for my Novolog prescription.  You know, the same medication that had been shipped on 5/11 and was MIA?  Yeah, that one.  I kept a tenuous grasp on my temper and explained that was all wrong but the only thing the rep seemed to care about was whether or not I wanted the refill request re-submitted.  I detonated and totally lost it.  I told her what I WANTED was MY PRESCRIPTION.  She then fell back on the company policy of not issuing replacements until 12 days after shipping.  I explained that insulin was temperature sensitive and the ice packs from 5/11 had long since melted by now and oh, incidentally, I will DIE without the insulin.  She tried to claim that they "package all prescriptions appropriately" and I should just wait the 12 days.  Um, NO, not gonna happen.  I also mentioned that I always received my insulin refills within 2 days of shipping because come on, what ice pack have you ever seen that lasts 12 days???  She wouldn't yield.  I demanded her supervisor.

This is where it got ridiculous.  The guy's name was Derrick.  He informed me that no one at Express Scripts had EVER or would EVER call FedEx because once it left Express Scripts, it was out of their hands and what's more, they don't have outbound calling capabilities.  I asked if that meant the rep on Sunday and the rep this morning had lied to me and he just said "They weren't in THIS call center."  I said "I don't care what call center it came out of, you're ALL PART OF THE SAME COMPANY."  I asked how we were going to resolve this and he started to suggest I call FedEx myself and I said hell no, I wasn't doing that, especially after having allegedly been lied two twice by Express Scripts personnel and never mind that it wasn't MY screw up, it was theirs or their vendor's.  We went round and round about getting a replacement authorized and I explained over and over that the insulin was likely, no definitely, spoiled by now.  He kept saying he couldn't authorize the replacement and I finally said "Then I want to talk to someone who can, put me on the phone with your supervisor."  At this point, I was in an all-out-rage.  I was shaking I was so mad and was about 5 seconds from starting to drop f-bombs everywhere even though I generally try to keep my language clean when dealing with customer service people.  I was on hold for a minute and then Derrick's supervisor came on the line.  Bless her, because the first thing she said was that she totally understood my predicament and was authorizing the replacement.  I thanked her and started to calm down.  I said that when she was finished doing that, we needed to talk about Derrick and the call center in general.  She said that Derrick, given his experience, should have recognized this as a situation where the 12 day policy didn't apply and she at least pretended to be aghast by his apparently unwillingness to help me.  I also told her that the call center personnel in general needed better training on customer service, medications, and generally being human beings.  I told her about the FedEx dilemma and said I found it disconcerting that I had two people say they contacted FedEx and then two others contradict that.  By the time I got off the phone, I was relatively placated and oh yeah, my blood sugar???  61 mg/dl.  I'm not sure if the rage caused the low or the low caused the rage!!  I am extremely disappointed in Express Scripts and fully intend to investigate other mail order options, though I fear I don't have any.

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