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Labs and a Golden

I seem to be on some tangent with my electrolytes lately.  Its a little beyond my knowledge, but I'll post the numbers now and either the interpretation or the effects at a later date.

It began in January with a spike in my creatinine to 1.01 which led to a followup.
The followup showed that the creatinine had decreased back to 0.7 which is normal for me.

My creatinine increased to 1.0 again at my routine labs drawing in April.
The followup showed that it had decreased again to 0.8.
But, my sodium was low at 129.  normal is 134-147      
   In January, it was 133 when I was tested in Minnesota.
And my BUN was a little high at 22.  normal is 10-20

This led to additional testing last week.
Creatinine was steady at 0.8.
Sodium a little higher at 131.
BUN a little higher at 25.

The testing beyond this was all normal.
Liver enzymes, Albumin, TSH, ADH, Cortisol, Aldosterone.
These were checking on other organs and cell processes to probe the sodium problem

I haven't heard from my endo about these last results.  I am assuming that no news means he is not worried.  And the same from Minneapolis.  Renae said Dr. Bellin has seen these and is also not worried.
So, neither will I.  For now, it is something to keep an eye on.  Most importantly, I feel fine.  I might be a little hypochondriacal, but my ankles seemed a little swollen at times and I have seemed thirstier lately.  Maybe these will subside now that I know everything is ok.  I'm thinking they will.

During one of these draws, I had my C-peptide checked.  I was nervous about having this done because I assume that I am on the decrease.  It was down to 0.38.  In January, it was 0.66.  To be honest, I was a little relieved to see that it was still able to be detected.  The interesting part is that the decrease does not reflect my BGs or insulin use.  I have had very good numbers lately.  My last A1c was 6.6 which is a little higher.  That wasn't a surprise because of all the colds I have had in the last 3 months.  I think I will be lower at my next check in July.  And my insulin dose is back to 8 or 9 units/day which is where I was before all those colds.

Dolly has been progressing.  She has the commands that she needs to know at this stage down well.  She is still behind on the social issues.  Still overly excited by people and very submissive to dogs other than Callie.  She is growing like crazy and beginning to look more like a dog than a puppy.  She will have one more outing with her trainer next week and then she will get her vest and I can begin to take her to some public places.  In the meantime, it was suggested that I walk her around the outside of some buildings to get her used to shopping carts and strange faces.

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