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Happy 2nd Diaversary! And a giveaway!!!

Happy 2nd Diaversary Grace! 

I can't believe it's been two years and I also can, cause it seems like more than 2 years, some days it seems like a lifetime we have been doing this D dance. I do remember the times before diabetes, the 6 years free -  of carb counting and shots and doctors and endless boluses. I remember, so if you ever start to forget those years, Mama's got them right here honey. I will tell you all about them, anytime that you want to remember what you, and we, were like before diabetes.

You are an amazing child my sweet dear Grace. You make me laugh every single day. You make me proud to call you mine. You are resilient, funny, independent, smart as a whip, brave, courageous beyond all understanding and brutally honest. As our friend Kelly says "Tell us how you REALLY feel Grace" while we all chuckle. You want honest - ask Grace. She has no little man inside her head,  editing what she says. For that, I appreciate and love you. I always know where I stand with regards to how you feel, what you think and what you need and want.

Diabetes, if I can borrow Kerri's perfect expression 'Diabetes doesn't define me, but it helps explain me.' It fits Grace to a 't.' It has helped you grow in ways I couldn't even begin to articulate. I see how you rejoice in the every day, how you bounce back from hard times, how every morning you wake up and tell me that "Today's gonna be a good day Mama!" and you truly believe it. I think diabetes played a part in it, I really do. There's a reason they gave you the 'Little Miss Sunshine' award at diabetes camp. You are. You shine.

So, happy 2nd diaversary my sweet Grace. It's been quite a journey so far, huh babe?! I am sorry that you spent your 2nd diaversary sick with a stomach bug. We shall celebrate later - with something grand and sweet!

Here's to many more years, of growing, of laughing, of loving and celebrating who you are.

It's a giveaway in honor of Grace's Diaversary!

There are 2 prize packages, of some of Grace and I's favorite things in the D;

#1  Bayer's Contour USB Meter and Delica lancing device with Delica lancets

You know why she likes the Contour USB meter - cause Nick Jonas promotes it! Did you hear me - NICK JONAS! and you must SCREAM his name each and every time you mention his name, cause he's, you know, NICK JONAS! So, here is his meter. You can win it!

If you have not tried the Delica lancing device - first, enter this giveaway and you might win it and second, go and get one - right now! Seriously, it hurts less. She swears by it now. Tiniest lancets ever. It kind of 'bounces' while it pricks the skin and doesn't 'shunk' the way other lancing devices do. There, wasn't that a clear explanation? Honestly, it is a wonderful lancing device and Grace's fingers have less holes in them just after one month using it. It's that good. And they didn't even pay me to say it. They should, but they didn't. Enter the giveaway and win the lancing device and a 100 pack of lancets.

#2  A Type 1 University class!

You got it! Our CDE, Gary Scheiner, is the force behind Type 1 University. He is the owner of Integrated Diabetes Services and is an excellent CDE and every time we go see him, he teaches Grace and I something new. He is knowledgeable, smart, incredibly data-driven and most of all, helps me problem-solve. And he is Type 1 himself, he knows of what he speaks.

Type 1 University is an online place where people can learn, through online courses, about how to better manage their Type 1 and insulin use.

There are courses on:
* Advanced carb counting
* Mastering pump therapy
* CGM - Getting the most from it
* Strike the Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control
* Hypoglycemia Prevention and Management
* Fine-tuning basal insulin

The winner can choose the online class they would like to take, and I will pay for it! Easy peasy!

Here's what I think about entering:
1. Leave a comment and tell me which prize package, number 1 or number 2, you would like to win.
2. Announce it on your blog and tell people to come on over and enter. That gets you one entry.
3. Sorry, I don't Tweet. So if you do Tweet it, great, but I won't know about it. Tweet tweet tweet, but it's not gonna earn you another entry. Am I being a hard-ass? Oh well, deal with it.
4. Likewise with Facebook. I know everyone and their mother (ok, maybe not their mothers too) is on it, but frankly, it's ok if you don't Facebook it. There, second decision made. If you Facebook it, that's great, but not gonna earn you another entry.
5. Long winded rules, don't you hate 'em?

TWO ways to enter - 
1. Leave a comment here. I don't even moderate them, so say anything you want! Tell me which - #1 or #2 - you would like to win. 
2. Announce it on your blog if you have one, tell me you blogged it below in the comments section, and tell people to come on over and enter.

We'll have entries until Thursday night, January 13th. Midnight my time, EST, in PA.
I'll be up, counting down the minutes.
No, I won't, but wouldn't that be funny?
I'll announce the winners on Friday, January 14th right here on this blog.

Ok, proceed.
Good luck!

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