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Earl's Haunting

I had my follow up dentist appointment today.  See, my little rogue wisdom tooth, Earl, had had an adverse impact on his next door neighbor and today was the appointment where said neighbor's fate was decided.  I neglected to "pre-worry" about this appointment and that neglectfulness bit me in the ass.  Earl's neighbor had an infected root and it was determined that he must go bye-bye as well.  I'd sure as hell like to know how I'm picking up these infections and I sincerely hope they're all done with once my course of antibiotics is completed. Meanwhile, I got to have another extraction (no biggie), a bone graft (not as dramatic as it sounds and also no biggie) and two mother-fucking-awful silk stitches to close it all up.  The actual process of getting stitched SUCKED.  Hard core.  Of all the dental drama I've had lately, I can honestly say the most horrible part was the stitches.  It was tedious.  Not really painful, but awkward.  My mouth is, in the literal sense, very small.  So, getting stitches in the very back presents its own special kind of challenge for the stitcher.  Then you add my personality problem, and let's just say there were at least 3 moments where I was on the verge of channeling my inner-gerbil and chomping down on the dentist's fingers purely to make myself feel better.  House Rule #2 at my place is "If you don't want to be bitten, don't put your fingers near someone else's mouth."  It applies to humans and gerbils.  And since Dr. L's fingers had spent the better part of a half hour in my mouth, she was clearly in violation of this rule.  Don't worry, I was able to control myself, but it was tempting.

It wasn't actually a bad appointment per se, I still really like the people at this office and I was particularly tickled that the new-to-me hygienist correctly identified my insulin pump.  She started to ask what it was and then said "Oh wait, that's an insulin pump, right?  Where's your port?"  Sort of cool.  Turns out, a childhood friend of hers had diabetes and struggled with bad lows until she was able to get an insulin pump and once she got a pump, things got a lot better.  The hygienist said her friend called the pump a "life changer."  Then the dental assistant who was involved in the extraction/grafting/stitching process asked me if I had to sleep with my pump and I said that I did, but it was worth it since it meant many many fewer needle sticks (never mind she'd just shoved a large one into my gums) and better control for me.  She also asked what "Stage" my diabetes was.  I told her I was a Type 1 and chuckled inwardly at the word "Stage."  I think I'm new enough to this shit that I totally understand it when people don't know the "lingo."  Then she mentioned she had a friend who used the Flexpens.  At this point, I couldn't respond very well as my mouth was full of fingers, but it was interesting to learn of at least two local PWDs.  

Since my day had other aggravating aspects, like missing Kettlebell on the dentist's instructions to not lift or jump around for 24 hours, a ridiculous computer issue at work that rendered my work day utterly useless, and the fact I'm out of cookies, I decided tonight was a good night to have DQ.  Eric took me and we both had Banana Split blizzards.  Very tasty.  I'm deeming the delightful DQ Blizzard as the official start of my Friday and BY GOD IT WILL BE A GOOD DAY.  DAMNIT.

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