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Diabetes Makes Me Feel Like A Perpetual Boy/Girl (WHATEVER) Scout

Being a PWD (person with diabetes) means that I always feel like I’m perpetually living a Boy Scout world! Which is all types of ironical because my mom wouldn't let me join Brownies in the second grade - Long story, but I was totally pissed.

No, in real life I’m not wearing the Boy/Girl (WHATEVER) Scout uniform 24 X7, or continually building fires, pitching tents (minds out of the gutter people) or helping little old ladies cross the street – though old people LOVE me and have asked me to do just that in the past. And yes, I’ve helped them with a smile on my face!

No, I feel like a Girl/Boy Scout, because living and traveling with diabetes means that I (we) ALWAYS have to BE PREPARED. And always being prepared means ALWAYS carrying/packing extra diabetes accoutrement (a fancy word for crap) in life, and especially when we’re traveling. And even when we think we're prepared, the fates love to prove us wrong! Seriously, we deserve some type of badge or medal! See above pic.

Speaking of traveling, I’m getting ready to go to Washington at the end of next week - more on that later. I’ll be away for 4 days and 3 full nights, returning back home late on the fourth day.

And as every one knows, traveling with diabetes always requires extra, EVERYTHING.

So I’ve already begun preparing my purple Amelia airheart suitcase with wheels, because I don’t feel like running around for all the diabetes stuff later on.

I've already made & begun to pack my diabetes list.

Inside my trusty suitcase, I’ve already placed a zip lock bag with 7 infusion sets & cartridges, two needles, and an extra container of 50 test strips, and 5 lancets in the big zipper compartment of my bag. Along with a pack of industrial strength Johnson & Johnson Blister Cushions (a must for those of us with sensitive tootsies – these band-aids kick blister ass), 2 extra pump batteries, and 6 lara bars/kashi bars just in case I get hungry. I’m out of raspberry glucose tabs so it’s time to hit the dollar store for a movie size box of SweetTarts.

I’ve also tossed in an empty vitamin bottle to use as a temporary Sharps container.

On my person, I’ll keep my insulin, (at least while en route) an extra infusion set in case mine rips out during the train ride/conference, another canister of test strips already in use, and 1 spare battery. I’ll also make sure to have some spare change on hand just in case I need to unscrew the cap on my pump to replace the battery. Seriously, what goods a spare pump battery if you can’t twist the lid off because you don’t have any spare change?

All that and I haven’t begun to think about my clothes/accessories! Which is just a whole other set of issues that I'll deal with next week and and a whole other post entirely!

So my friends, how do you handle traveling with diabetes and do you have any diabetesalicious tricks of the diabetes /traveling trade that you care to share ?

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