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Diabetes Blog Week ::: Awesome Things

Diabetes Blog Week Day 5

Today... erm.. almost yesterday we are to write about the awesome things that we've done BECAUSE of diabetes.  Since ye olde Blogger was down last night and into the afternoon today I couldn't get to it.  Its currently 10:00pm and I've only just gotten home.  Why? Well because I was busy getting stuck in mad fucking traffic trying to get to the city where I had to pick up my race kit packet.  Mississauga half on Sunday!  Argh.  I'm so pooped right now.

What kinds of awesomeness has diabetes brought into my life?

The number one biggest thing has been connecting me with the diabetes online community.  Yeah, I know it's been said all across the blogs today but once more can't hurt.  Through blogging I've met hundreds of others just like me.  D-Mamas that make me laugh and cheer me on and other type 1's that I can even run with!  It's brought me connections to other amazing organizations like Team WILD and Connected in Motion.  I can't believe how many insulin pumping runners, cyclists and racers (racers) I've met!  I couldn't possibly link to every one of you that has somehow inspired me!

More than the people, it's the support they give me.  It's tips and tricks and lessons that I can not only learn but share of my own in hopes of helping someone else along the way.

Would I strive to be currently training for my first ever marathon if diabetes wasn't pushing me?  Probably not.  Diabetes gives me a reason to train.  It's not even so much for health (which is a huge reason, don't get me wrong) but more because it motivates me to complete my goals AS a type 1 diabetic.  I desire to say "I did THIS with diabetes!"  In some ways hoping to prove something.  Prove to myself that this gnarly disease won't hold me down.  I will simply find ways to work WITH it time and time again.  Though sometimes I do curl up into a ball and give up.  Just long enough to come up with a plan.

Another awesome thing that I didn't necessarily do BECAUSE of diabetes but as a result of diabetes is learn to be so health conscious.  This one came as a surprise to me.  Yes sometimes I can be ridiculous in my shitty diet.  What I'm grateful for is what diabetes has taught me about the human body.  It fascinates me to learn how the endocrine system works.  Learning the intricacies is how I've learned to live with diabetes.  Learning about the different food types and how they affect the blood sugar.  Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Fibre, I would have never known!  Learning about the glycemic index.  Learning about how the liver functions with exercise as it relates to glycogen and how my body reacts.  Learning about adrenaline and endorphins and the results of low vs. high intensity exercise.  It has taught me more than I could ever learn from a text book.

Now I get friends and family asking my opinion or advice on related issues to do with diet and exercise.  I feel privileged and honoured when someone seeks health advice from me.

It has, as much as I hate to admit, brought good things to me.  Sure if I had the choice I'd give it away in a second if I could.  I have learned to value life a little differently.  I see how fragile it can be.

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