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Bad Blogger, No Donut

I realized that I havent posted in a LONG time. Bad, bad, bad me. The problem is, that between financial issues, work, and the recent issues of at work hypos, I havent been in much of a mood to post about anything.

But today I'd like to talk about a few of my coworkers. Let me explain that I work in a small company. Under 100 employees. Of that small sampling about 6 of us have D or D related issues. I'll talk about the other 5 as those who know me already know my story.

Subject 1 is an older male with controlled T1.5. He watches his diet, tests when needed and takes his insulin as often as needed. He's very active and IMHO is a model of a "Good" diabetic

Subject 2 is also older but was diagnosed with D after problems with his liver/pancreas due to alcohol. He has since cut alcohol from his activities and tries to control but doesnt understand the basics of carbs and their relation to his diabetes. He takes his meds daily but doesnt test as often as he should.

Subject 3 was Dxed as T2 very recently and is still new to the game. So far he is doing well with diet and exercise but I feel that he isnt getting good info from his Drs about proper care.

Subject 4 has not been Dxed yet but has classic Reactive Hypoglycemia. Her Drs arent all that concerned which is a shame. She is taking good care of herself and is working on a healthier lifestyle.

Subject 5 is a classic T2 and doesnt care about control. Meds are a necessary evil to her and she only takes them because the Drs tell her too. She eats constantly and doesnt bother to count carbs. Testing is done in the mornings and she is constantly at 180mg/dl or higher, and she thinks that this is ok. No exercise, no control, constant illnesses, and scabs/scars that wont/dont heal.

I dont feel sorry for any of these people. The majority of us accept our lot in life and deal with it accordingly. The last one however makes no attempt at proper control but wants pity when she doesnt feel good. Sorry, not gonna happen. I DO feel sorry for her child though. The child will be the one that gets the worst of it when mommy is hospitalized because of poor control leading to complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney failure, amputations, and or/death. I hope she gets her wake up call before this happens.

In other news, not only am I bad for not posting, but last week I ate chowmein noodles and General Tso's chicken. I guestimated for about 200 carbs and monitored closely every hour for about 4 hours. After that I was at 96mg/dl. Not too bad for a once in a while treat. What can I say, I ♥ chinese food.

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