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Autism Research: Breakthrough Discovery on the Causes of Autism

This is the single most important article I have read all year, and that is not an exaggeration.

CLICK HERE for the for the full article by Dr. Mark Hyman

These are the highlights, though I encourage you to read the whole thing.

"These disturbances in energy metabolism were not due to genetic mutations, which is often seen in mitochondrial problems, but a condition the children studied acquired in utero or after birth."

So, Autism is an acquired condition, not something that is inherited.

"Bottom line, if brain cells cannot produce enough energy, and there is too much oxidative stress, then neurons don't fire, connections aren't made and the lights don't go on for these children. In fact, this problem of energy loss is found in most chronic disease and aging -- from diabetes to heart disease to dementia. Brain function and neurodevelopment in particular are highly dependent on energy."

The mitochondria are essentially tiny digestive systems, taking in nutrients and turning them into energy. If they don't function, the cell goes hungry.

"The causes of mitochondrial dysfunction are well known, specifically as it relates to metabolism and the brain, and I have documented them in my books "UtraMetabolism" and "The UltraMind Solution." They include environmental toxins (iv) -- mercury, lead and persistent organic pollutants(v) -- latent infections, gluten and allergens (which trigger inflammation) sugar and processed foods,(vi) a nutrient-depleted diet(vii) and nutritional deficiencies.(viii) These are all potentially treatable and reversible causes of mitochondrial dysfunction that have been clearly documented."

The causes of this cellular problem can be poisons from the environment, inflammation, and a lack of certain nutrients.

"The take home message here is that the answer to autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders will not be found in one of these factors, but in all of them taken together in varying degrees in each individual. There is no such thing as "autism." Rather there are "autisms" -- different patterns of biological dysfunction unique to each child that result in multiple insults to the brain that all manifest with symptoms we call autism."

By looking at one cause at a time, modern science has erroneously claimed that certain factors that could cause autism don't actually cause it. The reality is that autism is generally caused by several factors combined together.

As someone with an autistic sister, this kind of information is very important to me. I hope scientists and medical professionals pursue this line of research so that we can make this kind of treatment more available and see more widespread recoveries.

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