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When I got back from Sweden I had so much diabetic material to read...... One article by David Mendosa was of particular interest to me. It concerns our HbA1c values and to what extent they are correlated to complications. It is believed that not only should our HbA1c levels be low, but also two times the standard deviation of oour blood tests should be less than the mean or average of our blood tests. Both the average and the standard deviation info is available on the log sheets which I use from Kevin. He has the blog ParentheticDiabetic. Please note that Kevin has further improved these log sheets and now has a newer version! I particularly benefit fromthe multi-lined chart showing the bg values of each day during the week. This chart enables me to see patterns very easily! I believe that if we mis-manage our diabetes we will surely get complications, so we must try. On the other hand, I believe that some of us get more / less complications for other reason - reasons that we today cannot specify. I have few complications and I have NOT always had such good results as I have today. Using an insulin pump helped me be able to achieve good results. Before the insulin pump I failed all the time., and because I failed I often totally gave up. So why don't I have more complications? I don't know, but I feel very lucky! Anyhow this info about standard deviation and averages is another clue. I am sure there are other clues hiding out there which we will some day better understand! BUT TO IGNORE OUR DIABETES IS A SURE WAY TO GET COMPLICATIONS!

Zaz's posted a tremendous poem reading by Jimmy Stewart. If you have any heart at all you must start bawling when you listen to him. Here is a direct link to the "poem" I found on Zaz's September 1st blog entry. Often in the early morning Skye will stand next to me at the bedside, about 1/2 an inch from my face. I feel his breathing. The teeniest movement and I get a big slurp from his black spotted tongue. Yup, he has black spots on his tongue! Skye has started groaning, many times every day. Why, I do not know! I don't really think it means he has pain in his joints, just that he groans when he gets more comfortable. He does this several times an hour. He is NOT suppose to hop up onto our bed in Sweden because it is so high. When he jumps down he could further damage the joints in his back. But here he is........

His hearing is perfect. He comes the instant I call him for food. He doesn't want to take his first walk in the morning or the last at night either! He just appreciates the fun walks in the middle of the day. In the morning I call him and then when he is waiting by the door I will realize I have forgotten something - a poop bag or my keys or whatever. So now he only comes when I have opened the front door and actually get irritated at him - "Dam it Skye, come NOW!" You think I am stubborn, well he is worse. It is not that he doesn't hear me! I am sure of that.

About diabetes, I still need much larger doses for meal boluses, although no increase in my basal rates have been necessary. I absolutely cannot increase the basal levels without getting hypos. I am beginning to think that some change has occurred in my digestion. Maybe my gastroparesis is disappearing. Well that is good. I have been worried about taking so much more insulin - would I get fat. No, in fact I have lost weight!
My bakery here in Brussels has gone on vacation, and I cannot fit enough of her bread into the freezer to cover all the meals while she is gone. Other breads don't work as well on me, commercial breads seem to have a significantly larger amount of sugar in them. They are metabolized much more quickly. I have switched to Knorr's drybrocoli soup for lunch. I add persilja and more frozen brocoli. Anyhow, this soup makes my bg value zoom up, very quickly. I do not understand how people can just count carbs. The GI index of carbs is very important in calculating and timing boluses. If the bg value rises quickly, I will need more insulin to get it down again. Now right after I eat lunch I have to immediately get out and get some exercise. Immediately! I also HAVE to start with a really low bg value before I eat. Timing is SO important in management. I SO wish that I only had to count carbs. Proteins and fats increase my bg levels in an irregular pattern, usually but no always 6 hours after consumption.

One last thing - Per is in Cairo, Egypt, so I set the alarm clock to go off at midnight and 2:30AM. At midnight last night - I was sleeping like a log, which is quite unusual! Ding-a-ling-a-ling..ding-a-ling-a-ling. Skye, sleeping on the bed b/c Per wasn't there, jumped up. I jumped too! Did a bg test, which was next to my bed. 30mg/dl. Fine 30ml coke will bring me up to 60mg/dl. Swished my mouth with water and back to sleep. (I can keep such low levels b/c my basal rate is very well balanced at night. I like to keep low levels b/c I CANNOT sleep with high values, and I like to start the day at a low bg level. If I start the day well, the day continues to be easier to balance. I don't know why, but that is how it is for me!) Why am I telling you this? Well because I cannot believe how non-chalant I have become to LOW bg values. I feel better low. I function better at low values. Am I "hooked" on low values? I believe our body gets use to particular bg values and then other values feel BAD! Self-criticism, why can't I just be happy with what I have achieved?

Would somebody please explain how to use the chat room at TuDiabetes! I AM a member. I was there this morning and there were two people there, but I was just talking to myself - posing question after question after question. I have never used a chat room!

Has anybody read The Road by Cormac McCarthy? Isn't it terribly depressing? Is it REALLY worth reading? WHAT does it give the reader?

Oh, and another thing - last weekend,I met Nina, an American who is married to a Swede and lives in Belgium. She has a diabetic son of two. I met her via TuDiabetes. Of course I had a hypo the whole time! I DID take adorable pics, but she has not said if I could use them in my blog...... Her son is the very first diabetic T1 I have ever met in my entire life. I had tons of fun meeting them - but maybe she thought I was bonkers. I WAS having a hypo! I wonder what stupid impression I made! Oh well. Maybe she hasn't answered my e-mail after the meeting b/c she is too busy or away on a trip. Let's hope so!

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