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A Sneak Peak Before My JDRF Government Day Post, In The Form of Some Key Phrases & Words ~

After spending the past four days at the JDRF Government Day Program, I'm tired and bleary eyed, and filled with hope and happiness!

I woke up to piles of work and an inbox that's full - And missing the people that I just spent the last four days with very much! DOC/ Diabetes event withdraw is a real bummer!

A detailed post all about the JDRF Government Day experience will appear very soon, but until then, I thought I'd leave you with a sneak peak in the form of some Key phrases & words that keep playing in my head whenever I think of the past four days.

Like much of what goes through my head, the list is in no particular order.


  1. Note to self: Avoid the quiet car at all costs
  2. Confessional Cab
  3. Artificial Pancreas
  4. Representing The DOC on a Panel was an honor & The DOC was with us in Spirit - And on Twitter & Ustream
  5. Personal stories that made me cry
  6. Note To Self: Buy & wear waterproof mascara to any event/conference that's diabetes related
  7. Type 1 parents who once again blew me away with their love and dedication
  8. Siblings of adults and children with diabetes who fight the good fight
  9. Diabetes Research in the form of technology saves lives
  10. Remembering the way it used to be before technology & explaining to others who weren't there
  11. Diabetes Cure
  12. Cupcakes
  13. A unicorn called Sprinkles always makes things interesting
  14. Politics
  15. Adults with type 1 and type 1.5 having a place for support
  16. #Leavingitatthealter
  17. Meeting a NaturallySweett friend in irl
  18. The Princess, her pump & her family make me laugh
  19. Dinner involving DOCers, cupcakes & insulin always = a good time!
  20. Grinning so much that my smile muscles hurt! :)
  21. Thanking the folks on Capital Hill for supporting research funding last year
  22. Telling the folks on "The Hill" what we go through and how important getting technology pushed through the FDA is to those living with diabetes
  23. Amazing Type 3s
  24. Learning from one another
  25. Running on pure adrenaline, not sleep
  26. The importance of MyFi - Or in our case, Scott Johnson's MiFi
  27. Being thankful to The JDRF for the opportunity to learn from and represent all branches of my diabetes family.

A real post to follow - So stay tuned!

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