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5:45am Wake up. TEST (then eat breakfast).

Get ready for work. (Before getting behind the wheel) TEST.

8:30am/9:00am TEST (to make sure my previous amount of insulin worked well). Eat a snack.

11:00am TEST (sometimes) (to make sure my previous amount of insulin worked well). Maybe I eat lunch now.

If I wait until noon to eat TEST.

2:00pm TEST (to make sure my previous insulin worked well, my numbers are ok, etc).

3:30pm I'm usually hungry for a snack. TEST

4:30pm Get ready to leave work. TEST before getting behind the wheel.

Get home anywhere between 4:45pm-6:00pm depending on traffic and picking Derek up from train.

7:00pm TEST before eating.

9:00pm TEST to make sure everything is working ok.

Anywhere between 10:00pm-11:00pm TEST before going to bed.

Occasionally if I wake up in the middle of the night and am interested where my blood sugar is at TEST.

That's 12 BLOOD TESTS...and this is on a day I'm not exercising. You can add another 3 TESTS or so as I TEST more frequently as it gets closer to my actual workout. After my workout. And, if I'm not feeling well, sometimes during my work out.

What about on days I go low. You know the drill: Glucose, juice, etc. Retest in 15 minutes. Still low. Repeat. Same with a high...Take large dose of insulin. Test in 30-60minutes. Keep testing until back in range.

My current Rx allows for 700 strips for a 30 day period.

You can see why I was upset when I received a letter saying I would now only be covered for
no more than 200 strips/30 days.

After calling my health insurance company, the rep confirmed that it was due to the new health care reform. Insurance companies had to reevaluate certain drugs and cut back.

So, apparently the Food and Drug Administration recommends only testing your blood sugar 6 times a day.
Really? And what does the American Diabetes Association recommend?
What about my endocrinologist who is a Diabetes Specialist, M.D., Ph.D., FACP, Professor and Director of the Kovler Diabetes Center out of the University of Chicago?
What does he recommend?

A LOT MORE THAN 6 times a day!!!!

I'm tired of the FDA approving chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics in our food, but putting limits on me and not thinking its a good idea to take care of my Diabetes.

I'm not scamming the system. I'm a hard working American who has always had a job, so I could make money, pay my bills, and yes, because I have Diabetes, unfortunately, health insurance is a big factor in where I work and what I do.

I test a lot, and it's not always fun, but I'm trying to do the best I can to be the healthiest I can.

The good thing is that this doesn't go into affect until April and my doctor can write a letter stating why he thinks it's necessary for me to test more than 6 times a day.

The letter of medical necessity will be reviewed by the Prescription Research Team and they will decide whether or not my full RX will be covered.

The letter that was sent stated I could still order my full RX, but I would then pay out of pocket for anything over 200 strips....that's $500/month!!!

It was an overwhelming day thinking about all of this and day dreaming about the worst case scenario.
I sent a tweet to the White House before getting into bed. I know, it's a long shot.

Jen Enger (sunnyside_life) on Twitter: sunnyside_life Jen Enger
@whitehouse/usg just got denied coverage 4 basic diabetes supplies ive used 4 22yrs due 2 healthcare reform. Thanks a lot!!!
13 hours ago

I started to cry as I lay in bed thinking, "I'm just so tired of Diabetes".
Derek wrapped his arms around me and said, "Oh Jenny, it's ok. The Bears might win it next year."
Of course I laughed, and through my snots and tears said, "I know, but I just figured I'd cry it out for the both of us."
And before he fell asleep, he pulled me in closer and sang, "Ooooh child, things are gonna get easier, oooh child, things will get brighter."


I woke up to an email from my mom with this quote from Tony Evans:
"When God allows trouble in your life, He has a purpose. Dignify your difficulty by finding meaning in the trial."

I know God is BIGGER than the health care system.
All I can do is pray...and enjoy my husband's bedtime serenades!!!!

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