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Pancremaniacs at the Tour de Cure 2010

The Pancremaniacs had another great day. We seem to attract rain to the Tour de Cure, but it wasn't too heavy until the post-ride festivities.

I borrowed FiG's burly flag from last year and got a spot in the parking lot near the check-in (the pay box was out of order so we got to stay all day for free!) so the team could find me and their water bottles. Arriving for the 7:00 am take-off of the 62 milers has its advantages.

MoD, having moved to Las Vegas, couldn't join us for the ride this year, but when she and FiG were in town last weekend, gave me a "red rider" bracelet so I could have her with me on the ride. She wore its mate yesterday in solidarity. I hope next year she can be here in person.

The photo below of me taking us a block out of our way (thus carrying FiG a couple more blocks than I meant to) going to Jackson's Coffee & Gelato after dinner at Fuji Ya is evidence of how ready I felt to ride this weekend. I've been in TEAM Fitness at the gym for about nine months and it occurred to me when I picked up FiG that I am in the best shape I've ever been (thank you Kirstin!). It didn't hurt that my pump was on my calf and my CGM receiver was in my purse, leaving my waist free for 4-year-old knees. But I carried her several blocks feeling strong. I found my motivation to keep exercising: my niecely is only getting bigger....

Back to the Tour. Gary decided to ride 62 miles this year. The rest of us were planning to ride 25, leaving two hours later. As team captain, I wanted to be there to see him off.

Having resisted the donuts (courtesy of T3), my blood sugar dropped a bit while we waited for the rest of the team. I really should talk to Juicy Juice about sponsorship of the Pancremaniacs....

My parents (t3-extraordinaires themselves) came for the event; Dad to ride, Mom to cheer. They donned ill-fitting Pancremaniac t-shirts from last year and Mom picked up noise-makers in the Red Rider tent.

My rider number indicated my order of registration among the Red Riders. Dad's was random. Or fate.

This is me with Scott after the 28-mile ride. That's right, we got a bonus three miles on our route. As we pulled in, Scott said, "I feel GREAT; let's go again!" and asked to train for the 45 next year, 62 the following.

Most of the team met for dinner at Patrick's in the evening. We finally got a photo of this year's Pancremaniac Red Riders all together. Scott and I are sporting Red Rider tattoos and Gary has his Cure Club medallion on. For anyone keeping track, all three of us had good BG days, balancing our carbs, insulin and exercise quite well. Perhaps more importantly, we had FUN!

We're already building next year's team. Gary's 11-year-old daughter wants to take on the 25-mile ride. I'd like to have a big team with riders on every distance. Let me know if you want to be on the list when registration goes up.

We've also made a pact to keep riding together. Next ride with the Pancremaniacs: next weekend. Care to join us?

Need I say more?

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