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It is after much thought, discussion, tears and prayers that I write.  My Pump Gear is officially going out of business. 

***Take a look at the website*** to see the LOW, LOW prices on the limited stock of products.  Most packs are only $10!  Toy packs are just $1!!  We are trying to clear out as many items as we can.  This is a great opportunity to grab some at cheap cheap prices.  You won't find anything on any other website this low.  We will only be up and running for a couple more weeks.  (http://www.mypumpgear.com)

My Pump Gear was a dream. I literally woke up one morning back in 2006, and envisioned the whole thing.  I wanted to bring affordable insulin pump accessories to kids (& kids at heart!)  I wanted to make a difference in the lives of kids with diabetes.

It had become increasingly frustrating to search cyberspace for ways in which our (then) toddler daughter could wear this device called an insulin pump.  I mean, potty-training was a nightmare.  Several near misses with the pump diving for the toilet made it an absolute necessity that we find something.  And, we did.  But as I remember, just one pump case was priced near $40!  It was cute.  It did the job.  But $40?  Really? And, our daughter would need more than one.  A girl needs to accessorize, you know!

And so, our journey began.

In between drop-offs and pick-ups for the boys, C and I made the rounds...to fabric warehouses, different manufacturers, the L.A. fabric district.  By sheer, divine intervention, I was directed to the self-described "bag lady."  She became not only my prototype developer, she became a mentor. I remember that first meeting.  I was so nervous going to this stranger's house, not knowing what to expect.  I went with a checkbook in one hand and my little pre-schooler in the other.  I was at this lady's mercy.  I was prepared to pay whatever she charged for a consult.

When I walked out of that meeting, I felt so positive and free of the nerves that accompanied me inside.  She had spent 2 1/2 hours with me and C, learning about diabetes and what our product need truly was.  When we were about to leave, I opened up the checkbook and asked,

"How much do I owe you?"



And with a smile, she said, "I never charge just to talk."

You see what I mean!  Divine intervention.

That was the beginning.  4+ years ago.  We have met so many wonderful people through this business experience.  And, sure, there have been a couple people who ripped me off royally.  But for the most part, the people we've had dealings with, have been kind and helpful.

By education, I am an elementary school teacher.  So the language of business was quite foreign to me.  I have learned so much.  And, though I was scared of answering the phone for fear of a disgruntled customer, most times I was pleasantly surprised.  I found that some people really just needed to talk about all the new diabetes stuff in their lives.  I've felt sincerely honored to have been that listening ear or have given a small tip regarding the management of insulin pumps on tiny, little bodies.

We may be closing up shop soon but we're not leaving cyberspace completely.  Our blog will soon take on a different shape as we move from business to our continuing endeavors for diabetes advocacy.  So, come back and visit us soon!  

Thank you for allowing us into your lives! It is true, ours are fuller and richer because of My Pump Gear.

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